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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The artist whose impressive body art makes her models disappear into the city’s surroundings


Art imitates life: New York body painter Trina Merry's models blend into the Manhattan Bridge (left)

Her models meld into the grey Manhattan skyline as if they're made of mirrors and glass.
Now body artist Trina Merry has spoken about her head-turning technique, painstakingly painting women so they blend in with New York's landmarks, after her incredible creations made headlines around the world.
The 33-year-old shuns studios and canvases, instead letting her nude models camouflage seamlessly into the world around them.

and Guggenheim museum (right) wearing coloured shoes and bikini bottoms. The 33-year-old began her inspiring project after moving to New York from San Francisco because she wanted to provide a 'reflective view within the landscape'

They have been photographed in front of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, Central Park, the Guggenheim Museum and the iconic towers of downtown Manhattan.
It's not an easy process - the models must be painted live on the streets in a process that takes several hours and can attract some unwanted attention.
But the law is firmly on her side, as the city of New York allows people to strip off in public for the purposes of artistic expression - even if that doesn't stop police approaching the artist altogether.

Fame: These images have been viewed around the world - now body artist Trina Merry has given an insight into how she creates her work, despite run-ins with police

Nothing to see here: During this shoot last week, a police officer stopped and spoke to the artist after receiving a complaint about her unusual work. The law in New York has been laid down after decades of legal wrangling and firmly allows people to be nude in public if it is for the purpose of a performance or artistic expression

Ms Merry came up with the idea after moving to New York from the San Francisco area earlier this year.
'I wanted to engage the city and understand it and make some observations,' she said.

Carefully-planned: As with 3D floor paintings, when shot from any other angle the magical quality of the model's blending into her surroundings completely vanishes

Checking the results: The photographs by Trina Merry have made headlines around the world with their otherworldly way of making the models blend in with the city

This photo required an incredible amount of work to get the body paint dimensions perfect - the model appears almost translucent as she stands before Coney Island

Freedom! A model, her body painted to an incredible level of detail and taking on a ghost-like appearance, stands before the greys and the blues of downtown Manhattan


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