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Thursday, October 3, 2013


UKRANE--Miss Universe Ukrane 2013 Olga Storozhenko loves to collect refrigerator magnets from the places she has visited.

Miss Universe 2013 will be the 62nd Miss Universe pageant. It will be held on November 9, 2013 at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia. [1] Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012 from the USA will crown her successor at the end of the event. This will be the first time Russia will host. The pageant will be televised on NBC and Telemundo.

MEXICO--Miss Universe Mexico 2013 Cynthia Duque once donated one liter of her blood to a child who desperately needed it. Because of her donation, the child’s health improved dramatically and helped him survive cancer.

SPAIN--Hola, Miss Universe Spain 2013 Patricia Rodriguez! On Patricia’s first day of school when she was a young girl, she was so excited and nervous that she tripped down 20 steps of stairs and knocked into three people on the way down!

BAHAMAS—Say hello to Miss Universe Bahamas 2013, Lexi Wilson! Raised in the United States, Lexi graduated from Langston University in Oklahoma with a Bachelors in biology.

She also claims to be “the best shower singer in the world.”

ARUBA--Miss Universe Aruba 2013 Stephanie Evangelista has a wide collection of coins and bills from across the world, some dating back to the 1800s.

INDIA--Miss Universe India 2013 Manasi Moghe got selected as “Beauty Queen” during college, which prompted her to pursue beauty pageants.
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ITALY--Ciao, Miss Universe 2013 Luna Voce! When Luna was at a film festival in Venice, Italy, the photographers and journalists mistook her for one of the actresses in the “Twilight” movie series because she wasn’t wearing her sash!

HUNGARY-- Meet Miss Universe Hungary 2013 Rebeka Kárpáti! Upon winning Miss Universe Hungary, Rebeka donated her prize, a breast operation, to a woman diagnosed with breast cancer.

SlOVAKIA--Miss Universe Slovakia 2013 Jeanette Borhyová has been performing the Slovak national dances for the past six years!

THAILAND--Say hello to Miss Universe Thailand 2013 Chalita Yaemwannang! Chalita applied to a Ph.D course in Thailand and had a proposal interview the same day as a pageant bootcamp. Even though she didn’t go to the interview, she knew she made the right decision when she won the crown!

TURKEY--Miss Universe Turkey 2013 Berrin Kekliker is fluent in English, German and Turkish.

SWEDEN--Miss Universe Sweden 2013 Alexandra Friberg is a licensed scuba diver. She can dive down 20 meters (about 65 ft.)!

SWITZERLAND--Meet Miss Universe Switzerland 2013 Dominique Rinerknecht! She once saved a child from drowning in a pool.

MAURITIUS--Say hello to Miss Universe Mauritius 2013 Diya Beeltah! Aside from practicing yoga and meditation, one of Diya’s beauty secrets is that she prepares her own homemade natural beauty creams and products.

TURKS AND CAICOS--Meet Miss Universe Turks and Caicos 2013 Snwazna Adams! Swazna’s hidden talent is her ability to braid and style hair. She first discovered hair passion while playing with her Barbie’s hair when she was a young girl!

NICARAGUA--Miss Universe Nicaragua 2013 Nastassja Bolivar’s hidden talent is basic sewing, a skill her grandmother taught her in case of a fashion emergency.

COSTA RICA—Hello Miss Universe Costa Rica 2013, Fabiana Granados! Fabiana is a skilled horseback rider and owner with over 10 years of experience!

She dreams of one day running her own restaurant and enjoys riding motorcycles in her free time!

CROATIA—Meet Miss Universe Croatia 2013, Melita Fabčeić! She currently resides as student at the Zagreb School of Economy and Management!

Melita’s hobbies include: designing her own jewelry, dancing and drawing. She has worked as a model in Milan, Italy and would love to head a large humanitarian project!

CZECH REPUBLIC—Miss Universe Czech Republic 2013, Gabriela Kratochvílová, the first short-haired winner of the Miss Czech pageant!

Gabriela is a European Vice-Champion in Majorette sport (choreographed dancing). Some of her hobbies include: snowboarding, ballroom dancing, figure skating and football!

ECUADOR—Miss Universe Ecuador 2013, Constanza Baez, co-hosted a television program called ‘Reto de Valientes’ (an Ecuadorian version of Fear Factor), where she had to grab snakes and eat worms!

FRANCE—Miss Universe France 2013, Hinarani de Longeaux’s favorite beauty tip is wrapping her hair in a Monio oil mask twice a week.

GABON—Miss Universe Gabon 2013, Jennifer Ondo, has a favorite native dish of Feuilles de Manioc, a cassava leaf prepared with peanut butter and served with smoked fish.

GREECE—Miss Universe Greece 2013, Anastasia Sidiropoulou, once trained with the professional women’s Slovakia women’s basketball team by mistake. She was only looking to play for fun!

CANADA—Miss Universe Canada 2013, Riza Raquel Santos, can accurately hit a target using a C7 service rifle.

She was also the leading lady in “Dobol Trobol,” where she was trained in knife throwing!

JAPAN—Miss Universe Japan 2013, Yukimi Matsuo, is a skilled cartoonist and model!

She is trained in yoga, belly dancing and swimming. Did we mention she’s hooked on anime and miso soup?

AUSTRIA—Meet Miss Universe Austria 2013, Doris Hofmann! Some of her many interests include: horseback riding, cooking and fitness!

This bilingual beauty queen has played piano for eight years and once worked on the BMW assembly line!

LITHUANIA—Ready, set, go! Miss Universe Lithuania 2013, Simona Burbaitė, learned how to drive a car when she was ten years old.

Simona admits that she has a hidden talent of sports car racing, although she has never competed in an actual rally.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS—Miss Universe British Virgin Islands 2013 Sharie de Castro is a Converse-collecting teacher!

She cites traveling with her identical twin sister as an “immigration nightmare.” Since their names are pretty close, they are often held up as imposters!

RUSSIA—Miss Universe Russia 2013 Elmira Abdrazakova is currently a global economics student who enjoys poetry and figure-skating.

She has won regional competitions for her ability to play piano and dreams of one day becoming an actress!

ROMANIA—Miss Universe Romania 2013 is a professional model and media student. One time, the lights were turned off while Roxana was walking the catwalk in sunglasses. She continued walking the runway, only guided by camera flashes!

URUGUAY—Miss Universe Uruguay 2013 Micaela Orsi Jorcin has been collecting napkins since she was seven-years old because she is fascinated with each different design. She now has over 500!

UNITED STATES— One of the most exhilarating moments in Miss Universe United States Erin Brady’s life was when she drove a Ferrari Challenge Race Car on the track. Vroom, vroom!

MALAYSIA—Miss Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng is an ex-ballerina and professional representative rhythmic gymnast. She is extremely flexible and can do over 180 splits!

SRI LANKA—Say hello to Sri Lanka! Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2013 Amanda Ratnayake has stood at the world’s end in Sri Lanka, the steepest fall in the country.

AUSTRALIA—Miss Universe Australia 2013 Olivia Wells describes herself as an “Aussie beach bum who loves sunshine and snorkeling!” She not only runs her own food blog, but she also admits she has a photographic memory!

BELGIUM—Meet Miss Universe Belgium 2013 Noémie Happart! Currently studying medicine and psychology, Noémie enjoys dancing, fitness and philanthropy. She speaks three different languages and helped raise money to build a school in Cambodia, which now serves nearly 200 students!

JAMAICA--Meet Miss Universe Jamaica 2013 Kerrie Baylis! As a young girl, Kerrie was a “tom-boy,” who played football, climbed trees and hated barbies. Look who’s all dolled up now!

FINLAND—Miss Finland 2013 Lotta Hinsta once ran a marathon on a five-minute’s notice. She has also stripped Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1-car, a British race car driver currently competing on the Mercedes AMG team!

EL SALVADOR—Miss Universe El Salvador 2013 Alba Delgado went to the Miss El Salvador castings without telling her parents because she was afraid of their reaction. They always wanted her to be a soccer player, but now, they support her more than ever!

GEORGIA—Miss Universe Georgia 2013 Janet Kerdikoshvili participated in Georgia’s “Dancing with the Stars,” performing the Samba, Rumba, Slow Waltz, Quickstep and Georgian National Dance.

GREAT BRITAIN—Miss Universe Great Britain 2013 Amy Willerton is a direct descendant of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, who initiated the divorce between Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon.

GUATEMALA—Miss Universe Guatemala 2013 Paulette Samayoa was born on the same day as her brother, but 11 years apart!

83 delegates have been selected to compete:
Country/Territory Contestant Age Hometown
Albania Albania Kristina Bakiu[2] 18 Tirana
Angola Angola Vaumara Rebelo[3] 21 Luanda
Argentina Argentina Brenda González[4] 20 Rosario
Aruba Aruba Stefanie Guillen Evangelista[5] 24 Sanicolaas
Australia Australia Olivia Wells[6] 19 Melbourne
Austria Austria Doris Hofmann[7] 23 Steyr
The Bahamas Bahamas Lexi Wilson[8] 22 Nassau
Belgium Belgium Noémie Happart[9] 20 Liege
Bolivia Bolivia Alexia Viruez[10] 19 Santa Cruz
Botswana Botswana Tsaone Macheng[11] 20 Gaborone
Brazil Brazil Jakelyne Oliveira[12] 20 Rondonópolis
British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands Sharie De Castro[13] 21 Road Town
Bulgaria Bulgaria Veneta Krasteva[14] 21 Sofia
Canada Canada Riza Santos[15] 27 Calgary
China China Ye Jin[16] 25 Hebei
Colombia Colombia Lucia Aldana[17] 21 Cali
Costa Rica Costa Rica Fabiana Granados[18] 23 Guanacaste
Croatia Croatia Melita Fabečić[19] 18 Zagreb
Curaçao Curacao Eline de Pool[20] 19 Willemstad
Czech Republic Czech Republic Gabriela Kratochvilová[21] 23 Chotěboř
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Yaritza Reyes[22] 19 Comendador
Ecuador Ecuador Constanza Báez[23] 22 Quito
El Salvador El Salvador Alba Delgado[24] 22 San Salvador
Estonia Estonia Kristina Karjalainen[25] 23 Helsinki
Ethiopia Ethiopia Mhadere Tigabe[26] 21 Addis Ababa
Finland Finland Lotta Hintsa[27] 24 Jyväskylä
France France Hinarani de Longeaux[28] 23 Papeete
Gabon Gabon Jennifer Ondo[29] 20 Libreville
Georgia (country) Georgia Janeta Kerdikoshvili[30] 21 Tbilisi
Germany Germany Anne-Julia Hagen[31] 23 Berlin
Ghana Ghana Hanniel Jamin[32] 18 Accra
United Kingdom Great Britain Amy Willerton[33] 20 Bristol
Greece Greece Anastasia Sidiropoulou[34] 19 Athens
Guam Guam Alixes Scott[35] 18 Tamuning
Guatemala Guatemala Paulette Samayoa[36] 23 Peten
Haiti Haiti Mondiana Pierre[37] 19 Port-au-Prince
Honduras Honduras Diana Schoutsen[38] 26 Tela
Hungary Hungary Rebeka Kárpáti[39] 18 Budapest
India India Manasi Moghe[40] 22 Nagpur
Indonesia Indonesia Whulandary Herman[41] 26 Jakarta
Israel Israel Yityish Aynaw[42] 21 Netanya
Italy Italy Luna Voce[43] 25 Crotone
Jamaica Jamaica Kerrie Baylis[44] 25 Kingston
Japan Japan Yukimi Matsuo[45] 25 Tokyo
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Zhazira Nurimbetova[46] 21 Shymkent
South Korea Korea Yu-mi Kim[47] 23 Seoul
Republic of Kosovo Kosovo Mirjeta Shala[48] 19 Vushtrri
Lebanon Lebanon Karen Ghrawi[49] 22 Beirut
Lithuania Lithuania Simona Burbaitė[50] 21 Vilnius
Malaysia Malaysia Carey Ng[51] 24 Kuala Lumpur
Mauritius Mauritius Diya Beeltah[52] 25 Quatre Bornes
Mexico Mexico Cynthia Duque[53] 21 Monterrey
Netherlands Netherlands Stephanie Tency[54] 22 Amsterdam
Nicaragua Nicaragua Nastassja Bolívar[55] 24 Diriamba
Nigeria Nigeria Stephanie Okwu[56] 19 Imo
Norway Norway Mari Chauhan[57] 24 Hamar
Panama Panama Carolina Brid[58] 23 Panama City
Paraguay Paraguay Guadalupe González Talavera[59] 21 Lambaré
Peru Peru Cindy Mejía Santa Maria[60] 26 Lima
Philippines Philippines Ariella Arida[61] 24 Alaminos
Poland Poland Paulina Krupińska[62] 26 Warsaw
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Monic Pérez[63] 23 Arecibo
Romania Romania Roxana Andrei[64] 26 Târgoviște
Russia Russia Elmira Abdrazakova[65] 18 Mezhdurechensk
Serbia Serbia Ana Vrcelj[66] 19 Zemun Polje
Singapore Singapore Shi Lim[67] 25 Singapore
Slovakia Slovak Republic Jeanette Borhyová[68] 21 Ivanka pri Dunaji
Slovenia Slovenia Nina Đurđević[69] 22 Maribor
South Africa South Africa Marilyn Ramos[70] 22 Klerksdorp
Spain Spain Patricia Rodríguez[71] 23 Tenerife
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Amanda Rathnayake[72] 23 Colombo
Sweden Sweden Alexandra Friberg[73] 19 Stockholm
Switzerland Switzerland Dominique Rinderknecht[74] 24 Zurich
Tanzania Tanzania Betty Omara[75] 20 Dar es Salaam
Thailand Thailand Chalita Yaemwannang[76] 25 Bangkok
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Catherine Miller[77] 21 Port-of-Spain
Turkey Turkey Berrin Keklikler[78] 18 Istanbul
Turks and Caicos Islands Turks & Caicos Snwazna Adams[79] 26 Providenciales
Ukraine Ukraine Olga Storozhenko[80] 21 Vinnytsia
Uruguay Uruguay Micaela Orsin Jorcin[81] 20 Colonia
United States USA Erin Brady[82] 25 East Hampton
Venezuela Venezuela Gabriela Isler[83] 25 Maracay
Vietnam Vietnam Truong Thi May[84] 25 Ho Chi Minh City

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