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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Is that purse fur real? New Yorker's unusual doggy bag turns heads on the streets of Manhattan


What a carry-on: A Brussels Griffon was seen hanging from a harness in New York this week, the straps of the carrier slung messenger-style across his owner's bright red dress

It is not uncommon to see a small dog peeking from a handbag in pet-friendly New York City.
But one young woman turned heads on the streets of Manhattan this week when she stepped out with her Brussels Griffon hanging from a harness, the straps slung messenger-style across her body.
Her four-legged friend certainly didn't seem to mind his legs hanging free from the camo-print fabric, but it was certainly startling to see a living creature hanging from the end of her strap in lieu of a bag.

Content? The dog certainly didn't seem to mind his legs hanging free from the camo-print fabric

It didn't take long for fellow dog-owning Manhattanites to cast their verdict on the unusual pet carrier - and they weren't impressed.
'It doesn't look comfortable,' one told MailOnline. 'The poor thing's legs will probably fall asleep! I'd want to carry my dog in front of me so I could pet her, or see any discomfort.

Cruel? Fellow dog-owning Manhattanites were not impressed by the unusual pet carrier though

'It looks fashiony but I'd never use it,' she added.
'That's so cruel!' another remarked. 'Although mine does love it when I carry him around.'
One remarked that it could be uncomfortable for the owner too.

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