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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why are Korean women having surgery to make their under-eye bags BIGGER?


Eyes that really pop: Weibo provides an online picture tutorial demonstrating how to achieve aegyo sal, the Korean trend for increasing the amount of 'puff' beneath the eye through make-up, sticky tape or plastic surgery

Most of us spend time every morning daubing our faces with eye creams, moisturisers, foundations and powders in effort to minimise the eye bags that scream 'I had five glasses of Malbec and fewer hours of sleep last night' to our colleagues.
But women in Korea are doing everything they can to make their under-eye skin plumper - whether through make-up or by using little sticky strips of tape that make the skin beneath the eye 'pop' out. Some women are even having plastic surgery to achieve the look, while others are resorting to using commercial filler and fat grafts.

Before and after: Blogger Patricia Cahigas demonstrates aegyo sal using make-up alone

The new trend - considered to make you more attractive and youthful-looking - is called 'aegyo sal', translated as 'eye smiles' or 'cute skin', and involves accentuating the fatty deposits beneath eyes rather than drawing attention to the dark circles caused by sleep deprivation.
Blogger Patricia Cahiga, who has written a post on about how to achieve the look, explains: 'Aegyo sal are not eyebags.

Spot the difference: Korean blogs highlight the difference between eye bags and aegyo sal

'Eyebags are caused by lack of sleep or if you're unlucky, caused by your genes and makes you look like a sleep deprived zombie or an unadorable panda, but aegyo sal is loosely translated as "cute/beautiful skin".
'Aegyo Sal is the layer of skin under the eyelids that gives your eyes more life and basically makes it look bigger.'
Chinese website Weibo demonstrates how to achieve the look using tiny strips of sticky plastic, and make-up bloggers have posted tutorial videos on YouTube showing how to use make-up alone to make eye puff more pronounced.

Even the men are at it: As bloggers point out, it isn't just women in Korea who are falling for the charms of the puffed-eye look

Asian Eyelid Surgery is a website run by plastic surgeon Dr Kenneth Kim explaining procedures often carried out on eyes in the Far East. They write: 'Youthful lower eyelid fullness is commonly seen in younger Asian females.
'Essentially, it is a bulge of fat immediately under the lash line that creates puffiness under the lower eyelid.
'Different from eye bags, which can make one appear tired and aged, youthful lower eyelid fullness gives the appearance of youthful, friendlier eyes as it is associated with smiling.
'Anatomically, it is a result of increased hypertrophy of the orbicularis oculi (under eye muscle), which becomes more pronounced when one smiles.
'This is a highly desired feature in Korea and other Asian cultures. Koreans call youthful lower eyelid fullness aegyo-sal; aegyo meaning cute and charming.'
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