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Monday, July 22, 2013

Was this what Mary Shelley had in mind? Aaron Eckhart transforms into Frankenstein's monster in official still from new movie


No monster: Aaron Eckhart looks like a male model in the official still from I, Frankenstein

Frankenstein has never looked so good.
With his chiseled face and washboard abs, Aaron Eckhart is one manly and handsome monster in the official still for I, Frankenstein.
Three new posters from the new movie were just released before Comic-Con and now we get a glimpse of the Erin Brokovoich star as Victor Frankenstein's 'grotesque' creation.

Mean: Aaron cuts a scary figure in the movie's official poster

But unlike Mary Shelley's hideous and horribly disfigured Frankenstein, Aaron is a site for sore eyes - but not because he has a bolt through his neck or green coloured skin.
Director Stuart Beattie's creation looks more like he skipped from the pages of GQ magazine - his facial features are sculpted and handsome while he has the kind of ripped body that most men can only dream about.

New vision: The official I, Frankenstein posters hint at a very different type of horror movie

'There's no neck bolts in this film, but we do get a sense that he's made up of about six corpses,' said Eckhart to Entertainment Weekly.
'Every day in makeup, we did a pretty extensive scarring session.'
The talented 45-year-old actor is of course no stranger to extensive makeup and scarring sessions as his good looks were hideously burned in his transformation from Gotham City's D.A. Harvey Dent into the villainous Two-Face in Batman movie The Dark Knight.
And despite the considerable physical differences, Eckhart says his character has a lot in common with Shelley's original creation at least in terms of personality.

Leading man: Aaron showed off his hunky body in Possession back in 2002

'Adam, as he's called in the film, is an intelligent, cunning being who knows how to speak just fine and has "serious daddy issues,"' he reveals
But like most screen adaptations of Shelley's novel, I, Frankenstein offers its own radical spin on the fabled horror story, first published in 1818.
'It's a contemporary story about the monster, the unwanted so-called abortion, the aberration, the unworthy son created and thrown out of the house,' Eckhart told Yahoo! Movies in a recent interview.
'And he has to go find his soul, find his purpose in life, and he does that in a fantastical world with gargoyles and demons. While these demons are against him and the gargoyles are sort of for him in a way.'
Rumors are flying that some clips from I, Frankenstein could be released at Comic-Con in the coming days.
The movie also co-stars Jai Courtney, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski and Miranda Otto.
I, Frankenstein will be released in January 2014.

Talent: Aaron recently promoted his work by appearing on Extra

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