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Friday, July 26, 2013

So what's it going to be, Nicki? DJ Khaled asks rapper Minaj to marry him in online video


Who wouldn't want to marry this? Oh.

On American Idol, Nicki Minaj is used to answering the question of singing talent.
But now the judge has to decide something of a more personal nature, that being whether to accept a marriage proposal or not.
DJ Khaled asked for Nicki's hand in marriage, via a special video posted online, and he's still waiting for an answer.

Will you marry me? DJ Khaled proposes to Nicki Minaj in video message posted online

The 37-year old producer popped the question with a little help from MTV, stating his reasons why he wants to make Nicki, 30, his wifey: 'I want to be honest with you. I love you. I like you. I want you to be mine.'
'The only reason I’m not telling you this face to face is because I know that you’re busy...

'You need a man like me in your life that’s gonna take care of you and respect you,' he continued. 'You gotta take your time and think about it, I understand... but I know I have to be here today to let you know how serious I am and about how serious this is to me.'

Waiting for an answer: The producer made the video with MTV but has yet to get a response after posting it on Thursday

'I want to let your fans know, my fans know, my family, your family, that I wanna marry you. I been working hard to get this ring... Nicki Minaj... will you marry me?'
The We The Best CEO held up a 10 karat radiant cut diamond ring from Rafaello & Co. worth $500,000 on Thursday while recording the message
Khaled and Minaj worked together on her latest single Twerk It - which also features Busta Rhymes and Pharrell Williams - but it is unknown if they are currently dating, or for how long.

Bling: The We The Best CEO also carried a 10 karat radiant cut diamond ring from Rafaello & Co. worth $500,000

#iThinkUCaughtMeInTheMoment: Nicki has been posting a number of sexy photos to her Instagram over the last few weeks

He also features in the accompanying music video, in which Nicki twerks and gyrates over the producer.
The bootylicious rapper's dating history has been kept under wraps over the years but she has been linked to a number of hip hop artists.
Rumours in 2010 suggested Nicki was dating fellow rapper Drake following a joint tour, and she also was also linked to Safaree Samuel, although she maintained that they were just friends.

Is that a hint? Nicki retweeted the video link to the proposal on her Twitter page

Although Minaj has yet to publicly respond to the proposal, she did retweet a link to the video via her Twitter page, which suggests her answer might be imminent.
Mail Online has contacted Nicki's representatives for comment.

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