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Saturday, July 6, 2013

One Direction perform to a lovestruck crowd in Montreal wearing the national ice hockey team jerseys


That's the spirit: One Direction thrilled the crowd at their Montreal concert on Thursday night by wearing the Montreal Canadiens ice hockey team jersey

Wearing the Division C jersey of the Montreal Canadiens in concert was a move in the right direction for this boy band.
One Direction's choice of attire got the fans all fired up in a good way as the five-piece performed on stage at Bell Center in Montreal, Canada on Thursday as part of their Take Me Home tour.
This came after a similar scene when adoring fans swarmed the band members as they left their hotel to get to the show.

Overflowing love: Harry made the girls ready to swoon by hopping on top of a speaker and replenishing his voice with bottled water

The program was a definite hit as the dark-haired Harry, 19, hopping on a large speaker next to Zayn Malik, 20, to sing a song to the accompaniment of passionate screams from the audience.
Harry seemed very proud of himself in his bright red and blue jersey that he wore over a white cotton tank top along with black jeans and trainers.
The guys made themselves at home, sipping bottled water to replenish their voices before belting out another verse into their hand-held microphones.

Silly: The 19-year-old heartthrob seemed to be making eye contact with an audience member while chewing on his jersey

At one point, Niall sent the girls swooning himself by singing and playing his guitar.
As the concert was winding to a close, the boys performed a solid gold striptease by doffing their jerseys and throwing them into the clutches of some lucky fans.
Only Harry couldn't be persuaded to part with his prized shirt while Zayn, Niall Horan, 29, Louis Tomlinson, 21, and Liam Payne, 19, gave theirs away.
At the end of the night, the band agreed that Montreal was the loudest crowd they'd met on this tour so far.

Hilarious hunks: The guys had a great time clowning around on stage

Earlier on Thursday the mob of diehard fans in Montreal eagerly awaited the appearance of their favourite British boy band.
It took a whole lot of effort to keep the masses at bay to allow the boys to safely leave their hotel.
A group of men held hands to become a human barrier between the waiting fans waving their camera phones in an attempt to get a snap of Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam as they exited the luxury building and headed for their waiting tour bus.

One at a time: The boybanders left the hotel separately before jumping on their tour bus

And with little time, the band headed straight towards their vehicle without stopping to sign autographs or pose for a few selfies, which no doubt disappointed the gathered crowd.
But they can be forgiven as the group were heading off to Montreal's Bell Center to prepare for the next show on their world tour.
Harry and Niall had to meet them there as they were picked up from the Canadian city's airport earlier in the day, but even there, the boys were met by a gaggle of girls.

They're everywhere! Even at the airport, Harry and Niall were greeted by a mob of fans

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