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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Look away Bill! Anna Paquin dares to bare as she goes naked in steamy True Blood sex scene with Rob Kazinsky


Steamy: Anna Paquin strips off in front of Rob Kazinsky in the latest episode of True Blood, where the 31-year-old actress met her husband Stephen Moyer

They famously became an item after playing on-screen lovers Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton in the hit show True Blood.
So hopefully actor Stephen Moyer won't mind seeing his wife Anna Paquin's character move on with other male characters now that Sookie and Bill are no longer romantically entwined.
But in the latest episode of the vampire saga, perhaps Stephen, 43, could be forgiven for wanting to keep a watchful eye on set as his wife filmed her raunchiest scene yet - a naked tryst with new character Macklyn Warlow, played by Rob Kazinsky, 29.

Big part: Former EastEnder Rob Kazinsky has been making waves as the sexy Macklyn in the latest series of True Blood

While the show has certainly not been short of nudity over its six seasons, it is the first time new mother Anna, 31, has dared to bare in her first topless scene.
Rob has been setting pulses racing as the half-faerie, half-vampire since the start of the new season, but immediately had his sights set on Sookie.
And the pair certainly have great chemistry as they are seen locked in a passionate embrace, minus their clothes.

Daring to bare: It is the first time Anna has appeared fully topless on the show, although the series has not been short on nudity over the years

It was another opportunity for Anna to show off her impressively toned stomach, less than a year after she gave birth to twins Poppy and Charlie.
In the steamy clinch, Sookie finds Macklyn tied up to a gravestone.
Although the faerie/vampire hybrid warns Sookie he might not be able to control his vampish urges, the pair can't seem to resist each other.

Passionate: Anna Paquin and Rob Kazinsky certainly have electrifying chemistry on screen together in True Blood

It's not long before Sookie allows Macklyn to feed on her, as they writhe around in the graveyard.
Rob has clearly come a long way from playing Sean Slater in the British soap EastEnders back in 2006.
Speaking about his character's love for Sookie, Rob says: 'He's been waiting six thousand years for her,'

Not awkward at all: Married couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are no longer on-screen lovers as their characters Sookie and Bill have drifted apart emotionally

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