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Friday, July 12, 2013

Kate on a birthing ball, yoga with Pippa and Wills at birthing classes: The preparations for the birth of the royal baby (as imagined by celebrity photographer Alison Jackson)


With the birth of the royal baby imminent it would appear that the lookalike Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge are keen to fit in some last minute preparations

There can be few pregnancies in history that have been subject to as much scrutiny as that of the Duchess of Cambridge.
While the world has been following the Royal family's new golden couple since the moment they met, Kate's pregnancy with their first child is one that they have managed to keep remarkably private.
Little is known of the planning, preparation and day-to-day build up for the royal birth that is going on behind the guarded palace walls.

Many couples chose to use a gym ball during labour to ease contraction pains- and it seems the lookalike William isn't afraid to be a hands-on birthing partner

But now, thanks to famous look-a-like photographer Alison Jackson we can catch a glimpse of what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might be doing.
Like most expectant couples, Alison has her 'William and Kate' attending sonogram appointments and birthing classes, while sister 'Pippa' is available to step in to help with yoga to prepare the mother-to-be's body for the arduous task of labour.

Kate and younger sister Pippa lookalikes keep fit by hula-hooping together, which also helps strengthen the back and core; essentially in pregnancy

The two girls are also snapped indulging in spa treatments and even getting a spray tan to keep looking their best, before the couple pick out baby clothes with a woman who looks remarkably like Queen Elizabeth.

The sex of the royal baby is not thought to be known, even to the Duke and Duchess

The couple have said that they want to be 'hands on' parents, and it seems the lookalike William is starting before the child is even born

'William' lookalike reads up on what to expect once the little one arrives, while 'the Queen' dusts up on the latest issue of Horse and Hound

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