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Friday, July 5, 2013

Cheeky! Lawson pose naked with just their instruments to preserve their modesty


Revealing: The band pose naked except for a few strategically placed musical instruments

The Lawson boys have thrilled their fans by stripping off for a photo shoot to help promote a cancer charity.
Lawson has posed naked for the August issue of Cosmopolitan (on sale 4th July) to raise awareness of male cancer for Cancer Research UK.
The heart-throbs looked confident and a little cheeky as they held some strategically placed musical instruments to preserve their modesty.

Discussing the issue of male cancer, lead vocalist Andy Brown, 26, revealed that the charity has a special significance for the group, who were named after a doctor.
He explained that he experienced a cancer scare as a teenager when he had to undergo surgery.

He said: ‘It’s so important to be aware of your body and any changes.
‘When I was 19 I had a brain tumour removed. It wasn’t cancerous but I lost the hearing in my right ear because of it.
‘We named the band after Dr Lawson, the guy who operated on me. He’s a legend. If you catch things like this early, it can save your life. It changed my whole perspective on everything.’

In modelling for the Cosmo photo shoot, Lawson joins the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Roger Moore, Ewan McGregor, Rupert Everett and Ronan
But it seems that being naked in front of each other is nothing new for the boys.
‘I think the lads have probably seen my penis more than they've seen their own,’ Andy said.
‘You know what it's like,’ continued Joel.
‘You're living on a tour bus for months... so if you've not seen what everyone's working with...’
Behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot can be viewed at Cosmopolitan.
The group’s latest single, Brokenhearted featuring B.o.B, is set to be released on Sunday.

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