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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There's nothing she won't do for an all over tan! Kelly Brook goes topless as she soaks up the sun in Mexico


There's nothing she won't do for an all-over tan! Kelly Brook went topless as she soaked up the sunshine in Mexico over the weekend

She's got one of the most envied bodies in the celebrity world.
So it's no wonder Kelly Brook isn't shy when it comes to showing off her feminine figure.
In a bid to get an all-over tan while on holiday in Tulum, Mexico on Sunday, Kelly went topless as she soaked up the sunshine.

Sexy in stripes: Kelly had earlier showed off her slim figure in the patterned two-piece

Girl time: Kelly was joined on the holiday by her TV producer pal Sally Griffiths

The 33-year-old model had no qualms about who saw as she shed her bikini top, displaying her famous curves in the process.
The Kent-born beauty wore her brunette hair tied up on top of her head as she went make-up free for the outing.
But while she appeared to have used a scrunchie to secure her hair, Kelly later tweeted that she was mortified to have used her knickers as a hair tie.
She wrote: 'I'm more mortified to be pictured with my knickers as a hair scrunchie than topless #class lol.'

One you designed earlier? Kelly's swimwear ranges for New Look have been a huge success

Stripping off: Kelly was then seen removing her bikini top to later head back into the ocean

So NOW you're shy?! Kelly covered up her cleavage with her hands at one point

As she arrived on the beach earlier in the day, Kelly was seen displaying her figure in a tiny triangle bikini, before she decided to remove the top and just wear the bottoms to ensure an even bronze.
With her head back and her face turned up to the sun, Kelly looked relaxed and carefree as she made the most of the break.
Clearly determined to return to the UK with a golden tan, Kelly laid on her back before turning onto her front as she caught some rays.
As the heat got a bit too much to handle, Kelly alternated her sunbathing with dips in the cool sea, still lacking her bikini top as she splashed in the surf.

Quick dip: Kelly alternated her sunbathing with a dip in the cool water

Sitting pretty: Kelly looks out to the sea as she enjoyed the break with a female friend

There was no sign of Kelly's boyfriend Danny Cipriani on the break, as he has remained in the UK while she holidays with a female friend.
Earlier, Kelly had posted some pictures of the holiday on her Twitter page, showing off her figure in a bright blue bikini as she relaxed in 'healing' waters near ancient Mayan ruins.
One holiday picture shows her gently rubbing her eyes while she stands in a glorious pool of water after having a leisurely dip.

Kelly Brook does some topless sun bathing in Cancun, Mexico.

Relaxing time: Kelly looked chilled out and carefree as she enjoyed the warm weather

While Kelly is famous around the world for her enviable figure, she admitted in a recent interview that she doesn't worry too much about what she eats - letting herself have treats every now and then.
She explained: 'If you're doing a diet for six weeks, there's no point -- you'll be back where you started soon after you stop. I could never cut out a food group like dairy, it's not sustainable.
'And I don't calorie count. You need a healthy relationship with your whole lifestyle. That means working out how much exercise is realistic for you, cooking healthy meals and being sensible.'

Careful! Kelly grabs the sides of the hammock as she prepares to hoist herself out

Kelly has said before of her diet: 'I have porridge or boiled eggs for breakfast. I love tea and coffee and could drink them all day and snack on biscuits, but I eat fruit if I’m trying to be healthy.
'I also eat a lot of fish, for lunch and dinner. I love sushi or I’ll have a tuna Ni├žoise salad or salmon steak. I like to make lots of healthy soups in winter, too.’

source: dailymail
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