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Saturday, June 8, 2013

That's a concert he'll never forget! New footage emerges of Rihanna giving delighted male fan a lapdance on stage


Lucky boy: Rihanna gives a fan, identified as GJ Kooijman, a lapdance on stage in Holland

It looks like letting off steam at strip clubs has been a real learning curve for Rihanna.
In footage from a 2011 concert which has only just come to light, she can be seen performing a raunchy lapdance for a delighted male fan.
Wearing a black leotard and not much else, Rihanna selects a member of the audience to join her on stage.

Raunchy: Rihanna stops singing to ask the audience for some 'help'

'Holland I might need some help on this part,' she says. 'Any fellas want to help me out?'
The audience surges forward, all keen to join their idol on stage.
Rihanna motions to her hunky male dancers which audience member she has selected and they help him to climb on stage, escorting him to a raised area.

You da one: Rihanna gives her fan a sultry stare as she edges towards him

He looks delighted as Rihanna approaches, and begins to sing along to the track, staring directly at her.
Rihanna then pushes him down on to his back before showing off some impressive acrobatic skills as she straddles him.
As the platform rotates so the audience can get a good view of her grinding him, they woop with delight.
Rihanna, as usual showing no inhibitions, at one point takes the fan's hand and holds it against her chest.

Parisian chic: Rihanna steps out in tiny shorts and Converse in Paris on Friday

She leans over him, brushing her skin against his as the platform begins to sink in to the stage, taking her and the fan out of view.
The man in the video, GJ Kooijman tweeted his confusion as to why the video has only just come to light.
'Seriously, how is my lapdance from @rihanna going viral 18 months later? It's 2 albums and a tour later, ffs,' said the Dutchman, who vied for the title of Mr Gay Netherlands in 2010.

source: dailymail
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