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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Praying for the right to protest: Feminist activists Femen strip off in Paris as three women go on trial in Tunisia for holding topless demonstration


The Femen activists protested outside the Tunisian embassy in Paris with slogans written across their bare chest

Three European women on trial in Tunisia for holding topless protest
They stripped off last month in support of Tunisian women convicted after holding similar demonstration in March
Islamist groups want trial delayed so they can join as plaintiffs
Femen members held topless protest in Paris demanding women be freed
Wrote on their chests 'Allah made me free' and 'woman spring is coming'

The demonstration was held in support of women in Tunisia who were arrested after a similar protest

Praying for justice: Femen activists prostrate themselves at the Tunisian embassy in Paris in protest at the trial of three of their fellow campaigners in the North African country

Feminist activists staged a topless protest outside the Tunisian embassy in Paris today to mark the opening of the trial of three women accused of public indecency in the North African country.
The three women, Pauline Hillier, Marguerite Stern and Josephine Markmann, are all members of the protest group Femen and were arrested last month when they appeared topless outside the Tunisian Palace of Justice.
The trio of women, two French and one German, were demonstrating against the conviction of Amina Tyler, a Tunisian member, who staged a similar protest online.

Femen activists 'prayed' outside the Tunisian embassy in Paris with 'praying for justice' written on their backs

Lawyers representing several Islamist groups petitioned to delay the trial of the three European women so they could join as plaintiffs.
Draped in traditional white Tunisian cloaks, the women appeared in the same court they had demonstrated in front of while dozens of people protested against them outside.

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy of Egypt was one of the Femen activists protesting to mark the opening of the trial

The three European women were arrested after staging their topless protest outside the Tunisian court

They have been charged with public indecency and being a threat to public order.
Witnesses said one European woman held a sign supporting Femen but immediately drew the ire of the crowd and was hustled away by police.
Feminist activist group Femen, originating in the Ukraine, is famous for its topless protests.
Under the Tunisian legal system, outside groups can join a trial as 'injured parties,' become privy to the case files and sue for damages.
The addition of new plaintiffs would likely increase the duration of the trial.

The Femen members were demanding the release of their Tunisian member Amina Tyler

source: dailymail

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