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Monday, June 10, 2013

Feast your eyes on this! Shirtless Jesse Metcalfe shows off his ripped six-pack with a boxing workout


No Photoshopping required: Jesse Metcalfe flexed his muscles through a vigorous two-hour workout at the park with his trainer on Friday

Jesse Metcalfe put on quite a steamy exhibit.
The 34-year-old Dallas star pumped up the volume with a vigorous two-hour workout with his trainer that undeniably sent hearts fluttering on Friday.
Jesse was rearing to go as soon as he arrived to a park in Los Angeles, wearing black athletic shorts, a black tank T-shirt and blue trainers.

Steamy: The 34-year-old actor went shirtless during most of routine, showing off his ripped abs and biceps

The darkly handsome actor sprang into action, beginning his routine with a jump rope warm up.
Jesse, who sported a few days worth of beard on his face, stepped it up by stripping off his black tank and getting into a sparring match with his trainer.
First he was wearing protective mitts on his hands and eventually added serious boxing gloves.

Strip off: When it got hot Jesse peeled off his T-shirt

The former Desperate Housewives star works out regularly and hard and it's paid off.
His five-foot-ten frame was a work of muscular art.
Every now and then Jesse broke into a grin, obviously charged by the exertion.
His trainer challenged the star to work out harder and not surprisingly Jesse was working up quite a sweat.

Packing on the pounds: Jesse has purposely added a few pounds to his frame and it's all muscle

Once the rigorous portion of his routine was completed, Jesse dropped down to the ground to do a series of ab-working crunches.
At one point Jesse was seen doing some stretches.
This isn't the first time Jesse has put on such a masculine show.

Tough: Judging by the expression Jesse was giving it all he had

Nice tats: Jesse's arms and torso boast a collection of tattoos

He also showed off his shirtless body on Tuesday as he left his gym in Los Angeles.
The heartthrob was joined by his fiancee Cara Santana, who showed off her own fabulous form in sport-cropped athletic top and leggings.
After their his and her sweat fest, the couple headed to Toast for an afternoon lunch.

Serious stuff: Jesse was getting some serious instruction from his trainer

Feeling good: Jesse deserved a pat on the back for his hard work

Jesse, who plays Christopher Ewing in Dallas, the TNT continuation version, says he begins every day with exercise.
He boasts that he's added almost seven pounds of muscle since he started sparring.
'I do a lot of striking and jiu-jitsu. It’s a different form of conditioning,' Jesse told Men's Fitness.
'I start nearly every day with a workout,' he said. 'It sets my day in a positive direction, and when you release those endorphins, you just feel good.'

Packing it in: Jesse covered up his sculpted form with a cosy hooded sweat shirt before heading off

source: dailymail
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