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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Catching up with the gossip: David Beckham enjoys a low key lunch with football agent best friend Dave Gardner


Who needs football? David Beckham was spotted enjoying a Coca-Cola while lunching with friend Dave Gardner in New York on Wednesday

Just weeks ago he bid a tearful final farewell to playing professional football.
But it seems David Beckham is keeping up with all the gossip from his former profession after he was spotted having an intimate lunch with soccer agent friend Dave Gardner in New York on Wednesday.
However it seems his old chum was not enjoying the former Manchester United player's witty repartee as much as one would expect, as he was only too happy to take a phone call during their meeting.

Having a sit down: The pair looked excited to be sharing some quality time together in the Big Apple

The nonplussed underwear model wore a furrowed look on his brow as he stared off into the distance while Dave took his important call.
Former Real Madrid player David, 38, was still looking match fit in a tight-fitting black T-shirt, jeans, red trainers and an oversized beanie hat.

Beanie boy: Perhaps David was making a vain attempt to incognito by wearing his oversized woollen hat

And the former Pepsi spokesman was taking advantage of kissing the life of a professional athlete goodbye by enjoying a can of Coca-Cola.
Perhaps his ladies man cohort had a perfectly good excuse for snubbing the football favourite, who overcame numerous technical deficiencies to become arguably the world's most famous footballer.
For Dave is back on the market after a short-lived fling with Ron Kardashian's ex Rita Ora, who has now hitched her wagon to Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.

Swapping this: David has kissed his football career goodbye after a high profile but low impact cameo at PSG

The 35-year-old has had an even more colourful life away from football than his global superstar comrade.
In 2010 he received a generous divorce settlement from former Hollyoaks actress Davinia Taylor, whose father Alan Murphy made an estimated £190 million fortune from a toilet paper factory.

For this: He will now be able to devote all of his energy to his other great passion - modelling underwear

He also used to date Ryan Giggs wife Stacey, until the skillful winger ditched his future wife's sister so he could court his future spouse.
The Welshman hit the headlines in 2011 after it emerged he had slept with his brother Rhodri's wife Natasha, which was revealed soon after he failed in a bid to gag the press to prevent an affair with former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas becoming public knowledge.

source: dailymail

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