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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bling, baths and shutter shades! North West's first days with Kim Kardashian and Kanye (as imagined by Alison Jackson)


Introducing North West! Photographer Alison Jackson used look-a-likes to create these images of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their daughter

They are yet to release the first image of their new-born baby North West.
But now, thanks to photographer Alison Jackson, we have been offered an hilarious insight into Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter’s first days.
And of course while there’s the normal baby stuff – nappies, baths and cuddles - there’s also the not so ordinary which many might imagine goes on when the worlds of Kim and Kanye collide.

Not a fan: The little girl doesn't look too taken with the music pumping through the headphones - perhaps Kanye's?

The parody pictures, created using look-a-likes, show North’s, who was born on June 15th, first moments in the hospital.
A heavily made up Kim cradles her new-born while proud father Kanye, who is wearing the shutter shades he made famous, leans into her.
And in true Kardashian style a video camera reading the words ‘reality TV’ is pointed right at them, making light of the fact the family are known for filming almost their every waking second.

Parental duties: The pictures show Kim and Kanye being normal parents... to an extent

Once back at their house the couple are seen fulfilling various parental duties with their darling daughter.
Rather amusingly one image shows the reality star and rapper searching through baby name books looking for the perfect one.
Kim is pointing at the name Kaidence which is one she mentioned liking before giving birth, although of course the couple eventually picked North (or Nori for short).

Blingtastic: Kim makes sure her baby shines with a large tiara, as well as necklace and bracelet

Perhaps poking fun at the influence Kanye seems to have over Kim he is seen dressing his daughter in a pair of shutter shades, which makes the notoriously grumpy star grin widely.
Another sees him putting headphones, perhaps with his album Jeezus blaring out, on his baby which makes her cry, suggesting she is not a fan of the album which is currently No. 1 in the UK.
Kim meanwhile is seen cooing over her little one as she baths with Kanye and then gazing lovingly at her new family unit as they lie on the bed.

Family unit: North looks a little apprehensive about her super famous parents

Ever the fan of dressing up the 32-year-old new mum is seen putting a very bling tiara on her daughter as well as a large diamond dollar sign necklace, which again is no doubt Kanye’s influence.
An image, which is of Kim before giving birth, shows her indulging in heaps of junk food, poking fun at the constant references to her putting on weight during her pregnancy.
It seems these pictures will have to satisfy fans for the meantime as there is no sign of the couple sharing real images any time soon.

The big name debate: One shot shows the pair trying to pick a name for their bundle of joy

Intimate moment: While not so long ago Kim shared her every moment, it looks unlikely she will continue to do so

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