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Thursday, May 2, 2013

'Long hair, don't care!' Now Amanda Bynes tweets TOPLESS pictures of herself wearing just her torn stockings


Pure exhibitionism: Amanda Bynes tweeted a topless picture of herself on Wednesday after uploading a series of racy lingerie snaps the day before

She raised eyebrows when she posted a series of self-portraits of herself wearing a very revealing lace bra on Twitter.
Now troubled starlet Amanda Bynes has taken things a step further.
The 27-year-old tweeted a number pictures on Wednesday from what looked like the same bathroom as the lingerie snaps, showing her topless with just her arm and hair covering her modesty.

It gets worse: The starlet posted another picture of her just her hair covering her modesty as she leaned against her bathroom cabinet

The actress accompanied the one snap with the word 'Rawr,' which is usually used to express sexual attraction.
Another showed her leaning against her bathroom cabinet, with just her long blonde hair covering her breasts. Her one leg is shown in completely ripped stockings while the other leg's is still intact.
She accompanied the picture with the message: 'Long hair don't care.'

Off the rails: Amanda Bynes needs to step away from Twitter as her updates are getting more and more worrying like this sexy shot

source: read more at dailymail

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