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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

If only childbirth were that easy! Vintage mommy-to-be doll has spring-loaded baby and belly that is INSTANTLY flat afterwards


Effortless childbirth: Judith the Mommy To Be Doll, which launched in 1991, came with a detachable pregnant belly and a baby inside. After the baby pops out, her tummy becomes instantly flat

A pregnant doll from the early Nineties did not have to deal with the complications most mothers struggle with during and after childbirth.
Judith the Mommy To Be doll - which hit toy shelves in 1991 and bore an uncanny resemblance to Barbie - featured a detachable pregnant stomach and a baby inside, which, when the bump was removed, popped out with ease.
And the most miraculous part of Judith's stress-free 'delivery' was that once the baby came out, her stomach became instantly flat again.

Educational value: The Barbie-like toy was marketed as a way of '[helping] your child understand the mystery of life, while maintaining the magic'

In a video for They Actually Made That?, the doll is shown sporting a funky denim-and-stripes maternity outfit and voluminous blonde hair.
Each doll - which could be purchased by mail order for $19.95 - is fitted with a detachable bump and a baby inside, whose gender remains a surprise until the 'delivery'.

Newborn: A spring-loaded baby pops out of Judith's detachable pregnant belly

When the belly is removed, the baby pops out and Judith's empty tummy is instantly replaced with a flat stomach.
According to an advertisement, the toy 'helps your child understand the mystery up new life, while maintaining the magic.'
Mommy-to-be doll features handy spring-loaded baby

No exercise needed: Once the baby is 'born', Judith's tummy immediately becomes flat again

source: read more at dailymail

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