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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Duped AGAIN! Fake Psy hits Monaco Grand Prix after Cannes scam... with Amanda Holden and David Hasselhoff among those conned


Duped: Amanda Holden posted a picture of herself with Psy lookalike Denis Carré at the Monaco Grand Prix

He duped hundreds of people with various appearances during the recent Cannes Film Festival.
And now Psy lookalike Denis Carré has struck again, attending the Monaco Grand Prix over the weekend while the real singer performed in Italy on the same day.
Among those duped by Carré's appearance at the racing event were Amanda Holden and David Hasselhoff, who both posted pictures of themselves with the lookalike on their Twitter pages.

That's not him! The Hoff appeared more certain that the man was in fact NOT the real Psy

But Amanda appeared unsure if she was actually posing with Psy in the shot, captioning the picture: 'Not sure if this guy is kosher?! Rumours circulating he was a fake? What do YOU think?!'
However, the Hoff seemed a bit more certain that he wasn't with the real Gangnam Style musician, tweeting with a picture of himself and girlfriend Hayley Roberts with 'Psy': 'Was that really PSY ? I think not!!'

Will the real Psy please stand up! Carré first worked his magic at the Cannes Film Festival

Other stars to have been duped by Carré included Skyfall actress Naomie Harris, who unwittingly posted a picture of herself on Twitter with who she thought was Psy.
Speaking recently about how he managed to convince so many people that he was the singer, Carré credited the scam to an intricate web of tricks.

as the pop star attended the Billboard Awards in Los Angeles

He told Channel 5 News: 'The game was pretty well played – we prepared a lot with my manager and communication team on how we were going to do that.
'We had the bodyguards, we had the cars, we had event managers ready for it... just to have the illusion.'
The trick was revealed when the real Psy appeared on US talk show Live with Michael and Kelly, which is filmed in New York City, while his imposter was in Cannes.

He had her fooled! Skyfall actress Naomie Harris was among those tricked, tweeting a picture after believing she had met Psy at a party thrown by Chopard during Cannes

source: dailymail

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