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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Delicious looking sushi, hot dogs and spaghetti bolognese are all made from CAKE


Full English anyone? Unbelievably this fry up, including bacon, toast, baked beans a potato cake and fried egg is made entirely of Victoria Sponge cake and carefully crafted icing

These savoury dishes might look like they would be suited to being served up at the dinner table - but they are actually made entirely from CAKE.
From burger and chips to a jacket potato and baked beans, talented baker Nikki Dixon has created them all from the humble Victoria sponge - and some clever icing.
The incredibly realistic cakes are served in the same manner as the dishes they copy, with the burger being garnished with shortbread chips - and even served with a 'ketchup' dip - made from raspberry jam.

Italian feast: Talented baker Nikki Dixon has turned her passion for food fixing into a business - and is inundated with orders for her unusual creations, like this spaghetti with meatballs

What at first glance appears to be a sandwich baked on soft white bread, dripping with mayonniase, is actually a vanilla sponge filled with cream.
Baker Nikki, from Southampton, has now turned her passion for food fixing into a business - and is inundated with orders for her unusual desserts after opening FoodieCakes in December last year.
Nikki, 22, said: 'I started making novelty cakes after I decided to bake my boyfriend, John, a birthday meal.

Unbelievable: All the cakes are served up in the manner the dishes they are emulating would be, including this incredible realistic sushi set including Californian rolls, which is served with chopsticks and even 'soy sauce'

'He loves burgers, but I wanted to make something a bit special - so I decided to make him a burger birthday cake.
'He loved it, and posted a picture of it on Facebook - but before long there were more comments about the cake than there were people wishing him happy birthday.

Deceptive: These roast beef and egg sandwiches might give the snacker a shock when they discover that they are in fact cake slices filled with clever icing and cream

'People were begging me to make them a food cake too, and before long, I was spending most of my time baking novelty cakes.
'I love coming up with new ideas and new challenges.
'I've just perfected a jacket potato and baked beans cake, which was very fiddly, but it looked great - and the customer was thrilled with it.

Breakfast on the go? These smoked salmon and cream cheese seeded bagels could easily be mistaken for their savory inspiration

'I started my own business about six months ago and I've been inundated with orders ever since.
'I'll make whatever anyone asks for - some are easier than others, but cakes and icing are pretty versatile.
'I've started making mini-bagels and little sandwiches too, which are really popular with corporate customers - I guess they make a talking point in the board room!'

Button or chestnut? Slicing this mushroom will only reveal a soft cake and cream filling

Fries on the side: These cake burgers can be served with shortbread chips and even a ketchup sauce

Hot dog wonder: This traditional all-American fast food favorite has been give a sweet make over by Niki, complete with 'mustard' icing

Best of British: Pie, mash and peas, served with a chocolate sauce gravy

Nikki Dixon started making novelty cakes after deciding to bake her boyfriend a birthday meal and has now opened FoodieCakes

source: dailymail

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