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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tat-too much? Justin Bieber shows off two more tattoos in Stockholm... bringing his body art collection up to 14


Building up a sleeve: Justin Bieber shows off two new tattoos on his left arm as he leaves his Stockholm hotel on Tuesday

It was only 24 hours ago that it was revealed Justin Bieber had added a koi carp tattoo to his extensive collection.
And in Stockholm on Tuesday, it appeared the Canadian singer has gone under the needle yet again as he sported his 13th and 14th tattoos.
Leaving his hotel in the Swedish capital, the teenager had tiger and angel tattoos added to his left arm, which looks like he may be going for the full 'sleeve' look.

Ouch! The tiger (top) and angel (bottom) tattoos looked like they were pretty fresh

Earlier this week, it was revealed by fan photos that Justin had got a koi carp - which is believed to bring good luck - on his left arm.
However, after travelling to Sweden for the latest date on his Believe World Tour, Justin visited another tattoo artist.

Body art: Justin now has at least 14 tattoos in total

As he left his hotel, the skin around the tiger and angel creations looked quite red, suggesting he had very recently had them done.
The tiger, angel and koi carp join an owl - which he has had for the past six months - and a large cross representing the Greek letter 'Chi', which means Christ, which he had done in February, which are also on his left arm.
He also has the word 'Believe' just inside his left arm, which he had to commemorate the release of his album of the same name.

Mobbed: There were dozens of fans waiting outside to greet him as he made his way to his concert

London-based tattooist Guy Sahar was summoned to Justin's hotel room in the British capital at 6am after being 'on standby' all night to create the Chi symbol.
Last month, Guy told the Daily Mirror: 'Initially I was told to go to Justin’s hotel at 7pm by one of his minders but then I was called back and put on standby all night. I was finally summoned to the hotel at 6am. I was told money wasn’t a problem so we didn’t discuss prices.
'I spent four hours tattooing him and his DJ, and wasn’t even offered a glass of water.

Animal magic: Justin's new koi carp tattoo was spotted for the first time in Copenhagen, Denmark last week

For my grandfather: Justin has a Stratford Cullitons logo on his back

Quite the collection: Justin shows off his owl and 'Believe' tattoo on his left arm, a crown and Roman numerals on his chest and seagull on his hip

source: read more at dailymail

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