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Monday, April 1, 2013

Paddle-board for one! Robert Pattinson escapes to the beach as he parties all night without Kristen Stewart


Beach bum: Robert Pattinson enjoys some quiet time paddle-boarding in Malibu

There's nothing like the open sea to clear your head, and Robert Pattinson certainly seemed to be doing that as he enjoyed a few hours of paddle-boarding off the Malibu coastline.
The actor threw on a wetsuit, grabbed his board, paddle and hit the surf in the warm California sun.
Robert, 26, had recently gone partying without his girlfriend Kristen Stewart, and here again he was able to relax in his own company, with only the next wave to focus on, rather than his relationship status.

Intermediate: The actor picked up the water-sport last year as a beginner but seems to have improved dramatically since

RadarOnline reported that the British actor headed out on Friday night to Teddy’s at the Roosevelt without his Twilight co-star, and was surrounded by a harem of models.
However, Kristen wouldn’t be the first girlfriend to not go on every night out with her boyfriend, and an eyewitness told the celebrity website that Robert ‘almost seemed timid and shy’ at the female attention he was drawing in.
The source said: ‘He was sitting with another male friend and there were a bunch of gorgeous models standing around him, but he looked disinterested in them.’

Tranquil: Robert took time to himself away from his on/off girlfriend Kristen Stewart

Balance: Rob looks controlled and confident as he commands the still water

Rob had returned to LA after nine weeks filming in Australia, away from his on/off girlfriend.
Supposedly reconciled after her affair with Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders came to light, reports suggest the two have been inseparable since his return Stateside.
But as Kristen is still suffering under the shadow of her very public infidelity, her residual neediness is apparently not to Robert’s liking.

Reflection: Robert takes a moment to himself, in the comfort of his own solitude, adrift in the Pacific Ocean

Considered one of the most attractive men in the world, this attention is nothing new to Robert, so the tranquility of the quiet ocean must come as a relief.
And the avid paddle-boarder seems to have improved since picking up the water-sport just under a year ago.
Looking more confident on the board then he did back in April, Robert cut a slick figure in his all-in-one wetsuit.

source: dailymail

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