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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Looking for a new career? Ink addicted Justin Bieber turns tattoo artist for the day


No pressure but it is permanent: Justin Bieber tried his had at being a tattooist, inking up New York tattoo artist Bang Bang

A New York tattooist has bravely put his body on the line to get something even better than Justin Bieber's signature.
Celebrity ink artist Bang Bang offered up his own leg so that the pint sized pop star could try his hand at tattooing.
The tattooist now has a permanent reminder of Justin's visit to his shop on his left leg.

Look what I did: The signer seemed pretty proud of his first foray into permanent body art

In video just released of the 19-year-old's foray into the permanent body art world, the singer can be seen intensely concentrating as he outlines his design on Bang Bang's leg at his New York Bang Bang Tattoos studio.
The star carefully tattooed for 15 minutes creating a very personal design for his first ever client.
Half way through the tattoo Bang Bang can be heard on the video checking to see how his student come tattoo artist is doing.

Ta-dah: Justin did a tattoo of his cartoon alter ego - a mouse named Swaggy

'How is it? Easy right?' Bang Bang asks.
To which Justin quickly replies: 'Yeah man.'
Even though his first time with a tattoo machine in hand, the Baby singer skillfully inked the black lines of a muscular mouse named Swaggy – Justin's cartoon persona – onto Bang Bang's leg.

Natural talent: Bang Bang praised the 19-year-old saying he showed natural skill

His collection of tattoos is, of course, rivaled by Bang Bang's who has made it somewhat of a hobby to allow his famous clients to tattoo him.
Justin's work now resides alongside the designs of Rihanna, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Amar’e Stoudemire, Baptiste Giabiconi, and other high profile clientele.
Bang Bang was also responsible for Justin's ex Disney star Selena Gomez's tattoo - Roman numerals on her neck.

Celebrity client list: Rihanna has also used Bang Bang Tattoos to get some ink done and has also given the artist a permanent souvenir of her visit

source: dailymail

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