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Sunday, April 14, 2013

If Emma can't shed her Harry Potter image after this, she never will... Her latest film Bling Ring sees her pole-dancing in a micro-skirt


Bling Ring: Emma Watson's latest role sees a departure from her usual demure acting parts

For her millions of young fans, she will always be known as Hogwarts swot Hermione Granger.
But as these pictures show, actress Emma Watson has swapped her floor-length Gryffindor robe and magic wand for a micro-skirt, leather jacket and high heels for a steamy pole-dancing scene in her latest movie.

Butter wouldn't melt: Emma in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix from 2007

But the scene in the Sofia Coppola-directed Bling Ring did not come easily to the 22-year-old Harry Potter actress.
Emma said: ‘You have to be very physically strong to hold your own body weight, and I really didn’t have that core strength initially, so that was pretty intimidating.’

Big break: Emma with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint for the first Harry Potter film in 2000

She added: ‘I’m just a really awkward sexy person, so basically the scene turned into me just messing around because I think Sofia thought, “We need to give her a break.” ’
The film is based on a real-life gang of burglars – made up of middle-class teenagers – who preyed on Hollywood stars in Los Angeles.

source: read more at dailymail

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