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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good golly Miss Jolie! Stunning shots of Angelina as a 16-year-old underwear model show the raw energy of a star


Before she was famous: But Angelina Jolie still looked the part as a 16-year-old beauty

The bee-stung lips, bedroom eyes and long dark locks were there from the beginning.
But these pictures of Angelina Jolie, taken when she was 16, highlight just what has changed since she became a star.
Though she clearly missed out on puppy fat, the teenage Miss Jolie did have rounded hips and soft fleshy arms... and she always had that raw star quality.

She's got the look: A striking mix of her parents' good looks marked Jolie out as a rare beauty at an early age

Natural beauty: Unlike many stars, Angelina's larger than life features are all her own

Today, they have gone the same way as those of any other A-lister - to mostly skin and bone. At the same time, interestingly, her chest size has increased.
Her unblemished skin is also a distant memory. Miss Jolie, now 37, is understood to have at least 13 tattoos decorating her body, including the geographical co-ordinates of her children's birthplaces etched on to her left shoulder.

Red carpet ready: Jolie's classic style in this shot is something she'd take on after her rebellious phase was at an end

Angelina's teens proved a tumultuous time for her - at 14, Angelina was permitted to move in her older boyfriend into her mother Marcheline Bertrand's LA home and later dropped out of acting classes at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

Piercing: The youngster was already possessed of a sultry gaze

source: read more at dailymail

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