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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beyonce slips into sheer top and leather shorts as she teases fans about big announcement


Coming soon: Beyonce Knowles has posted a teaser video to on YouTube to tease her new release

She has always been one to make a song and dance with her various announcements.
And Beyonce Knowles’ latest declaration was no different as she released a dramatic teaser video.
The 31-year-old singer stands in a dark dance studio looking as if she is ready to bust some moves in front of the mirrors.

Full of mystery: The singer poses in a mesh top with cut-off leather shorts in a dark dance studio

She wears a sexy black clothing, showing off her flat stomach in a mesh sleeveless top and flaunting her thighs in leather hot pants.
The empty venue shows the star glaring at reflection with only a boom box and cardboard case on the floor, plus a white towel slung across the chair.
Another shot shows the blonde open and close her cybernetic hand which is encased in a metallic glove and spins around several times.

Sultry look: The blonde stares around a mirrored room in the six-second clip

The six-second clip – which was posted on her YouTube page on Wednesday morning – gives followers short notice to wait for bigger news the following day.
The message at the end points to April 4 2013, 9am EDT for viewers to return to the same place to hear something exciting, adding the social networking hashtag #BeHereNow.
It’s a significant day for the star who has a personal connection with the number four as she and her husband Jay-Z are both born on the fourth day of their respective birth months.

Spinning around: Beyonce dons a cybernetic hand for the short video

She named her fourth album after the number and even her child Blue Ivy Carter’s second name comes from the Roman numeral for four, IV.
Beyonce previously told Billboard magazine: ‘We all have special numbers in our lives, and 4 is that for me. It's the day I was born. My mother's birthday, and a lot of my friends' birthdays, are on the fourth; April 4 is my wedding date.’

Come back: Text at the end of the clip tells fans to return on April 4 at 9am to find out more

Her teaser seems to be a popular way to drum up anticipation for new music releases as Justin Timberlake used the same technique with his 20/20 Experience LP in a video titled I’m Ready in January.
It’s no surprise they have similar styles as her rapper spouse is working with Justin and they are set to embark on a Legends of Summer tour.
Beyonce told Vogue in February that her new record will be ‘a lot more sensual’ and ‘empowering’.

source: dailymail

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