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Friday, March 22, 2013

'This is where my work is now': Jessica Alba reveals running her own company is 'more creative' than acting


Walks the talk: Jessica, seen here arriving to her office in Santa Monica on Thursday, says she found her confident stride when she formed her own eco-friendly company in 2012

You might think Jessica Alba's life as an A-list actress could not be bettered.
But it seems even the rich and famous sometimes have regrets about their career choices.
The Sin City actress has revealed that she is more fulfilled by her life as an entrepreneur than she ever was walking the red carpet.
Last year Jessica launched her own eco-friendly lifestyle company, The Honest Company, which gave her a new confidence in her abilities.

Entrepreneur: Jessica loves her new role as owner of The Honest Company, which specialises in organic diapers, wipes and other baby products

In an interview with the April 2013 issue of Latina magazine, Jessica describes the transformation.
'Honest Company has weirdly allowed me to be more creative in my roles, and really work with people I love and appreciate and want to learn from,' Jessica revealed.
'This is where my work is now.'

The right choice: Jessica told Latina that she hasn't always acted on her gut instinct, but these days she listens to her intuition

The actress added further: 'For me, acting was a lot about making the right choices and trusting my instincts.
'I didn't always listen to my gut and make the right choice.'
The gorgeous star was dressed to impress as she walked to her company office in Santa Monica on Thursday.
Wearing skinny jeans, a loose white pleated-front blouse and floral jacket, along with pretty violet heels, Jessica definitely had a lift to her walk.

Dressed to impress: Jessica paired her trendy torn jeans with a pleated blouse, floral jacket and violet heels

source: dailymail

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