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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Taylor Swift's unopened fan mail found dumped in trash bin


Treated like trash: This handmade card wishing Taylor Swift a happy new year was one of hundreds of fan letters found in a Nashville dumpster by a fan at the weekend

She always projects an image of caring deeply for her fans.
So no doubt Taylor Swift will be furious to discover hundreds of pieces of fan mail were found in a dumpster by a shocked fan.
The letters, many of which were unopened, were found in a south Nashville recycling bin at the weekend by Kylee Francescan when she was disposing of her own rubbish.

Small mountain: And much of the fanmail was not even opened before it was thrown away

She told Nashville's News 2: 'I was like, ‘That's weird. There were like hundreds of letters in there to Taylor Swift and I'm like, "Oh my gosh!"
'I didn't know if they were stolen [or] discarded, so I threw them in a box. And I'm like, "Somebody needs to let Taylor know."'
Many of the letters, which came from around the globe, were handmade cards covered with pictures, hearts and sparkles.
Francescan said she did not open any of the letters, and decided to contact the media because she believes the singer needed to find out about the discarded letters.

Concerned: A spokeswoman for the country warbler said they are disturbed by the incident

She added: 'It did bother me [because] I know how much her fans mean to her.'
They were addressed to Taylor Swift Entertainment, a post office located at a shopping centre at 242 West Main Street in Hendersonville.
The owner of the mall told Nashville's News 2 Investigates she does receive box loads of fan mail at the post office box, and that a member of her staff picks up mail periodically.
Nashville's News 2 took the fanmail to her record label, Big Machine Records on Music Row.
A worker at the company said he was unsure why the letters were in the dumpster.

Speaking out: Fan Kylee Francescon went to the media to make sure the issue was brought to Taylor's attention

The singer's management team said in a release they were unaware of the fan mail, but spokeswoman Paula Erickson said they are very concerned about the incident.
She said: 'Taylor gets thousands of fan letters everyday and they are delivered to her management office.
'After the letters are opened and read, they are recycled.

Returned to dumper: The boxes full of cards and letters have since been sent back to the singer's office

'The only explanation for any letters being unopened would be that a small batch of mail that was supposed to be delivered to Taylor was accidentally put with letters headed for the recycling center.
'We sincerely appreciate Channel 2 bringing this to our attention, and we plan to immediately pick up the mail.'
The letters have since been given to a messenger from Swift's public relations firm.

source: dailymail

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