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Sunday, March 31, 2013

‘Strip clubs and dollar bills’: Rihanna brings her lyrics to life by uploading raunchy pictures of dancers


Snaps of strippers: While partying in Calgary Friday night, Rihanna posted three pictures of strippers on her Instagram account and removed them almost immediately

Good girl turned bad Rihanna partied in a strip club in Calgary on Friday – and she couldn’t help but share the fun with her Instagram followers.
First sharing a picture of three women dancing on stage, Rihanna described the image with the caption: ‘I love my job #3girlzon1ph***inpole’.
The 25-year-old was delighted making her song Pour It Up a reality.

'All I see is dolla signs': Rihanna made her song come to life, posting images of dancers in a nightclub with captions from Pour It Up

‘Strip clubs and dollar bills, I still got mo’ money,’ her rumoured-to-be next single opens, mirroring her Friday night activities.
The chart topper shared two additional NSFW pictures of the adult dancers, one in which a stripper was exposed fully from the front, and another of a stripper bent over, bottomless.
Considering that her song has her singing the lyrics, ‘Strippers goin’ up and down that pole, I still got mo’ money,’ her sheer enjoyment of the dancers comes as no surprise.

Moves of her own! The superstar posted this picture of her barely-dressed self on Instagram, saying: 'POV #complex'

Rihanna must have felt immediate remorse after posting the pictures, however, as she deleted them and sent out a tweet: ‘This is terrible.’
Where the racy singer draws the line on her Instagram account is a tough call, though.
Over the past few months, Rihanna has posted several images of herself in numerous states of undress.

Stripping down: Rihanna often gets racy on her Instagram account, posting images such as this repost from her GQ editorial

Whether seductively pulling her top over her head or showing off her new boots while she happened to be wearing only thong underwear, the superstar’s fans have seen almost all of her.
As unapologetic as her latest album suggests, the star was most recently deemed as Britain’s Most Influential Pop Star by 4Music and touted the news by saying: ‘I only know how to be number 1!! I could use a challenge... "How dat feel down there on ya knees, Huh?!”’
Regardless of how raunchy her social media outlets become, there’s no doubt her fans are kept wanting more.

Pants-free! Riri's best friend offered the caption: 'Who needs fashion when there's p*$$y @badgalriri #MTFphotography'

source: dailymail

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