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Friday, March 22, 2013

‘Some days you just can’t win’: Katherine Jenkins expresses frustration after being 'slated' as she gears up for marathon


Upset: Katherine Jenkins has revealed she is struggling with criticism she has received recently while training for the marathon

Opera singer Katherine Jenkins has hit another bump in the road as she prepares for this year’s London Marathon.
The 32-year-old has found herself coming under fire from Twitter trolls, who have 'slated' her as she trains for the charity run.
Taking to Twitter on Wednesday the Welsh star expressed her frustration at what has become quite the uphill battle, after losing her training kit just a few days earlier.

Expressing herself: Katherine decided to tweet about her frustration after being attacked by some Twitter users

She wrote: ‘Some days u just can't win...You train for a marathon. You raise money for charity. You still get slated #WalkAMileInMyShoes #NoPunIntended.’
It seems that Katherine was the victim of abuse after she demanded a charity donation from an airline after they lost her marathon training kit.
While many people applauded her turning the situation into a way to raise more money for her charity, some heartless Twitter users were less than impressed with her request.

On the run: Katherine has been training very hard as she prepares to run the London Marathon

One wrote: ‘Come on gal, are you that desperate to get a headline?’
While another commented: ‘Wishes Katherine Jenkins would sit down and shut up for a while, she really is a tiresome example of womanhood.’
Despite the unnecessary abuse the hard working star hasn’t let it get the better of her and has continued her training as per usual.

Positivity: It hasn't all been negative for Katherine as many people have donated to help her raise money

She also took the opportunity to thank all those who have supported her so far, writing: ‘Just wanted to say a massive thanku to all those who've sponsored us so far... Your generosity is overwhelming! #Motivation #Inspiration.’
After venting her frustration on Wednesday she hit the park on Thursday to train once more, which hopefully helped her de -stress a bit.
Taking to Twitter she shared a picture of herself running and wrote: ‘18 miles in the park! Now better get myself to Hamburg - there's a show 2nite after all! #Boom.’

Tour: The singer is currently taking part in a European tour with Il Divo and will play in Hamburg on Thursday evening

As well as training to run the 26 miles, she is also currently taking part in a European tour with Il Divo.
It was on a flight home from a concert on Sunday that her luggage, which contained her tour costumes and gym kit, got lost.
Being separated from her gym gear after arriving back in London from Berlin, meant Katherine could not do her intended 18 mile run on Sunday night.
With just five weeks to go before the 26 mile run, it's vital that Katherine keeps up her long-distance training.

source: dailymail

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