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Friday, March 8, 2013

She's got killer curves! Spitfire Sofia Vergara shoots from her bra in new Machete Kills poster


Deadly lingerie: Sofia Vergara as Lady Desdemona in the poster for Machete Kills, released on Thursday

Sofia Vergara really is all fired up for her new silver screen role.
The 39-year-old actress donned a gun-bra to play a seductive madame - Lady Desdemona - in Robert Rodriguez's upcoming film Machete Kills.
The poster for the movie, released to Entertainment Weekly on Thursday, featured the Modern Family star posed in an outrageous costume with bullet casings spraying in all directions as her chest spit fire.

The mother-of-one sported, in the advertisement, the aforementioned gun bra as well as a mid-riff baring lingerie vest and form-fitting black bottoms.
Her gorgeous face said it all with an over-the-top display of both sexy and campy ferocity.
The killer lingerie is a nod to previous camp-filled movies, such as the Austin Powers films.

Not the first time: Fembots pictured in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, in 1997

The peculiar model of assault weaponry Sofia modeled in the Machete Kills advertisement made its first appearance onscreen in the 1967 spy comedy, The Ambushers, starring Dean Martin.
The science fiction espionage film featured a team of female spies known as the Slaygirls who killed their victims with their breasts via specially developed gun-bras.
The deadly bedroom attire reappeared in 1997s Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery as the chosen weapon of the Fembots.

Killer appendage: Rose McGowan in Grindhouse (Planet Terror) in 2007

But this is not the first time writer-director Robert Rodriguez has adorned his female onscreen killers with a lethal accessory.
In 2007 he fitted Rose McGowan with a machine gun appendage in Planet Terror, to replace her character's missing leg.
But Sofia's fashionable weaponry is less utilitarian and more for the vamp-factor - as her character is a fully intact femme fatale.

Out of character: Sofia at the Domingo Zapata Art Opening, in October

In real life, the New Year's Eve star could not be further from her man-eating character Desdemona.
Sofia is a dedicated mother to her 20-year-old son, Manolo, and a committed partner to her fiancé Nick Loeb.
And according to The National Enquirer, the actress is expecting a baby via a close family friend who will act as a surrogate.

Dedicated mother: Sofia at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, in February

Machete Kills is a sequel to Machete, both starring Danny Trejo who reprises his role as the title character.
Charlie Sheen plays the President of the United States and co-stars such notables as Mel Gibson, Vanessa Hudgens, Amber Heard, and Lady Gaga.
The action-packed film is slated for release on September 13.

source: dailymail

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