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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Physically violent, emotionally raw and sexually graphic: Mies Julie is for adults only


Steamy scenes: The play is strictly for adult viewing only

Verdict: Steamy South African Strindberg raises the bar
Physically violent, emotionally raw and sexually graphic, Cape Town’s Baxter Theatre are showing the most powerful version of Strindberg’s sex-war drama I’ve ever seen.
Yael Farber rewrites and directs a visceral, harrowing and steamy rendition of the play, digging up the brutal truth behind South Africa’s official rainbow dogma.

X-Rated: Mies Julie stars Hilda Cronje and Bongile Mantsai in the play written by August Strindberg

Hilda Cronje is a predatory, wounded Afrikaan cougar seducing Bongile Mantasi as her father’s bitterly subjected black servant.
No holds barred, it sets a new benchmark for what’s become an over familiar classic. Strictly grown-ups only.

source: dailymail

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