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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'It's Josie, b***h!' Josie Gibson continues to flaunt her extreme weight loss as she poses in a Britney Spears inspired photoshoot


Scream and pose: Josie Gibson emulates Britney Spears in this photoshoot for New Magazine

Losing weight is hard, but keeping it off appears to be the real battle as Josie Gibson is discovering.
The Big Brother winner turned poster girl for diet success has revealed to New Magazine she has gained six pounds since January.
In an interview published alongside a new Britney Spears inspired photoshoot, the 28-year old opens up about how the constant praise she is receiving for her new figure has tricked her in to indulging in previously forbidden treats.

Balls of fire: Josie recreates another still from the hit single's video

She said: 'Everyone keeps telling me how good I look, so I feel I can eat what I want now. But I've got to keep it up.'
Josie shed an incredible six stones over the period of a year, taking her from a size 20 to an 8.

The real thing: A still from Britney Spears' Scream and Shout video

A combination of a strict diet and exercise regime helped her slim down from 16st 7lb and a size 18 to 10st 2lb.
But she admits that she has begun to indulge in chocolate again, and even eats a bar during the course of the interview.
'I've slowly let sugar slip in to my diet again,' she says.

Original ball girl: Britney poses with two flaming disco balls in the video for Scream and Shout

'It's hard because once you're an addict, you're always an addict. I've been eating more chocolate bars.'
She also claims that working on building muscle has increased her mass, as has drinking alcohol at celebrity parties where she has become a popular guest.
Bristol-born Josie, who is 5'10, says that despite the scales creeping up and her sweet tooth getting the better of her, she is still determined to maintain her slim shape.
Her dedication to exercise is even influencing what size breast enlargement she will go for at the end of April.

She says that she wants to boost her cleavage from 34B to a 34C, a size that will still permit her to exercise without her breasts 'bouncing in her face'.

But it is possible to imagine that her fiance Luke Sanwo, 25, would prefer if she asked the surgeon for the opposite.
She recalls a conversation the couple had after she had visited one surgeon to discuss a possible augmentation.
'Yeah he really wants them done as well. When I went for the consultation, I came back and he said, 'Have you got big tits yet?'

Before and after: Josie has inspired thousands of women with her extreme weightloss

'I said, 'No, Luke, it's just a consultation.' He said, 'Oh, I thought you were going to get some tits.'
Josie adds that she then had to explain to him that, 'You don't go and get tits done in an hour then come back!'
The photoshoot celebrates Josie's move in to the world of celebrity columnist, the latest string she's added to her bow since overhauling her figure.
She has also designed an evening wear range for Goddiva and released a top-selling fitness DVD, 30 Second Slim.
Read the full interview with Josie and see more photos in the latest edition of New! Magazine.

In full: More pictures appear in New Magazine

source: dailymail

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