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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'I'm giving him a bad rep!' Kim Kardashian splurges thousands on new clothes after critics blame Kanye West for her bad dress sense


And this will do nicely: Kim was pictured trying out outfit after outfit

She's always been something of a shopaholic.
But as Kim Kardashian spent thousands of dollars on designer gear she claimed it was an altruistic gesture - because she didn't want boyfriend Kanye West blamed for her fashion missteps.
The multimillionaire failed to gain much sympathy after she found herself on a blog’s ‘worst dressed list’ on the latest episode of Kourtney And Kim Take Miami.

Shops 'til she drops! Kim Kardashian is laden down with designer bags after splurging on clothes in an attempt to stop critics attacking her dress sense on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami

Second thoughts? Despite getting the thumbs up from her sisters, Kim never made a public appearance in this dress

‘I’m on the worst dressed list?’ she moaned as a giggling Scott Disick showed her a blog with a picture of herself in an unflattering leather skirt and canary bolero jacket.
‘I already have so much pressure to go shopping again because I don’t have enough stuff here,’ whined the extremely privileged reality star, as she simultaneously mused about buying herself a ‘dreamy’ housing complex with a 5,000 square foot guest house that she would ‘turn into a gym.’

I'm on the worst dressed list! Kim was distraught after finding a picture of herself in an unflattering leather skirt and canary bolero jacket

As ‘Lord Disick’ laughed at Kim’s recent descent into the style backwaters Kim moaned: ‘It’s part of my job to look chic at all times.
‘And as if Kanye has the time to dress me every day…I feel bad that Kanye gets the bad rap for dressing me.
‘It’s so rude.'

Soothing the pain: Kim then embarked on a spending spree of epic proportions

I'll take this! Kim had no restraint as she stocked up her wardrobe with designer gear

She then embarked on a spending spree of epic proportions.
‘You guys are too superficial as a couple,’ said her slightly earthier older sister Kourtney.
‘I don’t know how you can spend $5,000 on a dress without even thinking about it,’ sniffed Kourtney as Kim indulged in a marathon of designer shopping on the Internet.
‘Shopping online is like the greatest invention of life,’ cheered Kim.

source: dailymail

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