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Friday, March 1, 2013

He should know she is trouble: Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran spark romance rumours after they ‘spend the night together’


Up all night: According to reports Ed Sheeran stayed in Taylor Swift's hotel room until 4am the night before the Brit Awards

She is well known for her high-profile and short-lived relationships, while his love-life is rarely spoken about.
But all that’s about to change for Ed Sheeran after he has been linked to serial dater Taylor Swift.
According to reports the I Knew You Were Trouble singer spent most of the night with Ed before the 2013 Brit Awards.
E! News have claimed the red-headed singer who has collaborated with Taylor in the past may have been doing a different kind of collaborating after they ‘stayed in (her) room, just the two of them, until around 4 a.m.’

That look: It's claimed that when Ed left Taylor's room he 'looked very pleased with himself'

They go on to report that another source said that the pair had ‘briefly dated last spring. He thinks she is really cute, and they have a great chemistry together.’
If the reports are true it is unclear how the news will go down with Harry Styles who is close friends with Ed but also dated Taylor at the end of last year.
Either way Ed and Taylor are clearly good friends with Taylor tweeting Ed on his birthday: ‘So. One of my favorite human beings on the planet turns 22 today. I hope @edsheeran has the most perfect show in LA tonight! HAPPY BDAYYYY.’

Fresh faced: Despite reportedly staying up very late both Taylor and Ed pulled it together for the Brit Awards

To which he replied: ‘I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty damn 22 right about now’, which is a lyric from her song 22.
And it looks like they will be spending a lot more time together in months to come as Ed will be Taylor’s opening act during her Red Tour in North America which runs from March to November.
Last year Ed and Taylor's relationship came under scrutiny again as he showed off a brand new inking inspired by the title and logo of Swift's new album, Red, which he collaborated on with her.

Awkward: Taylor used to date One Direction star Harry Styles who is very good friends with Ed Sheeran

While she may not have got at tattoo for Ed, Taylor did speak about her admiration for the artist.
She told Daily Mail's You magazine: 'Ed Sheeran and I wrote a duet called ‘Everything Has Changed’ while sitting on a trampoline in my back yard. It’s a lot easier than you think.
'We had one guitar, which we passed back and forth, and then we baked an apple pie, or rather my friends and I baked it and Ed watched and then ate it afterwards.
'His performance at the Olympic closing ceremony was incredible – I really think that was his big breakthrough moment in the US.'

Dedication: Last year Ed unveiled a tattoo saying RED in homage to Taylor's album of that name

source: dailymail

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