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Saturday, March 23, 2013

'Do I talk a lot of s**t?': Kelly Brook makes a pop at Katie Price after she is 'transformed' into her nemesis on Celebrity Juice


Who am I? Katie Price's body is superimposed on to Kelly Brook's face on Thursday's Celebrity Juice

There's no love lost between model nemeses Kelly Brook and Katie Price.
And it appears Kelly couldn't resist making another pop at her rival after Jordan's body was superimposed on to her head for a segment on Thursday's Celebrity Juice.
Brunette beauty Kelly, 33, had to guess which celebrity she was as she poked her head through a green screen, unaware a 2012 image of Katie's swimsuit-clad figure had been projected over her.

When she eventually realised she was supposed to be Kelly, who she has been in a war of words with in the press in recent weeks, she said: 'Do I talk a lot of s**t?'
As team captain, the former Big Breakfast presenter had to guess which celebrity she was by quizzing her teammates Rylan Clark and Chris Ramsay with only yes or no questions.
However, as Rylan is well-known as being a close friend of Katie, he awkwardly remained silent while comedian Chris did the talking.
She started off by asking: 'Am I female? Am I a British celebrity? Am I popular?'

Game for a laugh: Kelly has been able to use Celebrity Juice to respond to Katie's jibes

Chris responded: 'Well...'
When Kelly asked if she was beautiful, Chris replied: 'Well... not for lack of trying.'
Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan threw his hands up in helplessness because of his friendship with Katie, before pretending to hide under the table.
Rylan's reaction prompted Kelly to realise who she was, and couldn't resist making a pop, asking: 'Do I talk a lot of s**t? Am I Katie Price?'

Guessing game: Kelly appeared behind a green screen to guess which celebrity she was

Kelly's joke came a few weeks after she compared Katie to There's Something About Mary's crinkled, perma-tanned character Magda.
On March 7, she posted a candid Instagram photo of her looking stunning in her bed - presumably as a response to Katie, who had uploaded a shot of her wild hair in bed four days previously on to her YouGossip site.

source: dailymail

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