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Monday, March 25, 2013

Cue the screams... Shirtless Harry Styles and Niall Horan strip down much to the delight of One Direction fans


What happened to your shirt? Harry Styles shows off some off his tattoo collection in shirtless Twitter snap

The boys of One Direction have the ability to make girls weak at the knees just by simply breathing.
So it's uncertain what the exact affect images of shirtless Harry Styles and Niall Horan could potentially have on the band's fans.
Pictured showcasing their toned physiques, the boys, both 19, appeared to misplace their tops in a few cheeky Twitter snaps.

In the two shots of Harry, the curly haired teenager has clearly been caught off guard as he appears to be mid-sentence.
Pointing as he stares directly into the camera lens, Styles puts a few tattoos from his growing collection on display.
With the images causing quite a buzz on the Twittersphere as they circulate at a rapid pace, fans of the What Makes You Beautiful singer had only praises for the heartthrob.
One admirer tweeted: '{NEW PICTURE} of Harry shirtless... Can you get pregnant from this?'
While another wrote: 'What I want: Harry Styles. Shirtless. Now.'

'Can you get pregnant from this?': Fans from all over the world took to Twitter to post messages of approval

Meanwhile a photo of Harry's Irish bandmate Niall was also doing its rounds on the micro-blogging site on Sunday.
Proving that he's been pumping some iron in the gym, Horan looked confident as he walked through a hallway in a pair of blue tracksuit bottoms as he flashed his designer underwear.
And again sending supporters into hysterics, a message posted by one fan read: 'Niall Horan shirtless will be the death of me.'

'Niall Horan shirtless will be the death of me': The 19-year-old heartthrob confidently showed off his physique

source: dailymail

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