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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Addicted to ink! Harry Styles gets another tattoo as he reveals HUGE butterfly design across his stomach


Blowing his other inkings out of the water: Harry Styles has a huge new butterfly tattoo across his chest

He has so many tattoos that it is hard to keep count, with his total inkings hovering somewhere around the 30 mark.
But Harry Styles' new tattoo is without a shadow of a doubt the most ostentatious yet.
The One Direction heartthrob has had a huge butterfly design etched across his stomach - and it takes up an enormous amount of room on the 19-year-old's body.

The tattoo artist proudly posted a snap of Harry's topless torso on his Flickr page in order to show off his handiwork on January 22.
While Harry's face cannot be seen in the image, some of his other unique tattoos make the singer easily identifiable.
Harry's long list of body art includes swallows, his sister's name written in Hebrew, cities his band has performed in, crucifixes and 17Black, James Bond's lucky gambling number.

Heartthrob: The One Direction star was seen at the Art13 London VIP preview last week

He is yet to display the ink in public, or reveal his latest addition to fans on his Twitter page.
But as he celebrated his 19th birthday last month, a hint of the design could just be seen poking out between the buttons of Harry's heart-printed shirt.
Harry did not have the tattoo when he went topless while on holiday in the Caribbean in early January.

Peekaboo: The singer's butterfly design could just be seen poking out underneath his shirt as he celebrated his 19th birthday last month

It seems Harry has developed a penchant for having his body decorated with ink since hitting the big time after coming third on The X Factor with One Direction.
A year ago, he had no noticeable tattoos when he was seen shirtless as he vacationed in Sydney Harbour in April of last year.
Harry was last spotted at Art13 London's VIP preview last week, dressed in a casual black T-shirt and matching skinny jeans.

Unusual inkings: The teen star has around 30 tattoos, all of which are unique

That's not like you: Surprisingly Harry is yet to share a photo of his new addition, or debut it in public

The floppy-haired teen, who recently dated Taylor Swift, is said to have stood up model Millie Brady for a date he had set up with her last weekend.
According to reports, Harry, who is currently touring the UK, had arranged to meet Millie at Cardiff's Kuku club on Saturday following their gig in the city.
However, despite Millie travelling in especially for to meet up with Harry, the teenage lothario is said to have decided not to attend.

What a difference a year makes: Harry appeared to be ink-free when he was seen on holiday in Sydney in April 2012

A bodily tour of Harry's tattoos

17 BLACK: A reference to James Bond's lucky gambling number located on his left collarbone.
CRUCIFIXES: Below '17 Black' are two crosses with the letters 'M' and 'K' under each.
SWALLOWS: Two birds fly towards each other on the singer's chest.
GEMMA: Written in Hebrew, refers to his sister's name with 'Can I cry?' inked

CITIES: 'LA', 'NY' and 'LDN' refer to the places where One Direction have performed.
LOVEHEART: In pure black it sits on the front of his upper left arm.
WARSHIP: Lord Nelson's HMS Victory inked on the side of his upper arm.
BIRDCAGE: A traditional image sits under Harry's left arm, over his ribcage.

THEATRE MASKS: Comedy and tragedy faces are inked below the birdcage.

SMCL: Next to the theatre masks, according to fans the letters stand for 'Smile More, Cry Later'.
STAR: The singer's first tattoo can be found on the inside of his left arm, towards the armpit.
THINGS I CAN: Written on his right arm.

THINGS I CAN'T: Written on left arm.
MIGHT AS WELL: Inked above his left pelvic bone.
PADLOCK: Sits on left wrist with the phrase, 'I can't change'.
99p: On left wrist with a shamrock leaf, a key and the Aquarius symbol.
SCREW: All of One Direction have this design on their ankles

source: dailymail

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