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Friday, February 22, 2013

When the student becomes the master! Cher Lloyd debuts new video as she becomes more popular on Twitter than Cheryl Cole


Role reversal: After mentoring Cher in the 2010 edition of X Factor, the young singer seems to have taken Cheryl's style and popularity

She was the nervous 17-year old looking for a chance, and Cheryl Cole was the X Factor mentor who gave her it.
But now Cher Lloyd has inspired more Twitter followers than her former champion, boasting an estimated 20,000 more online fans.
The turn in the popularity stakes comes as Cher unveiled her latest music video for single With Ur Love - her UK track re-released for a U.S. audience.

Sitting on a throne and wearing a variety of princess costumes and tiaras, it's clear to see the 19-year old singer is the queen in her world.

With a group of friends, Cher mixes up a potion to bewitch a few handsome men who rock up to her party in a castle no less. But it wasn't witchcraft, rather her poppy tracks and spirited attitude that has won Lloyd favour across the pond. Since breaking into the American music scene, the Swagger Jagger singer has accumulated 3,584,522 followers.
And with invites to the Grammy Awards and other high-profile music events, it shows just how taken the U.S. are with Cher, compared to former mentor Cheryl.
The Geordie singer's attempts to break the States - despite working as her manager - failed, most famously when she was axed from the first series of The X Factor US.
Her judging position lasted mere weeks before Cheryl was given the boot and replaced by Nicole Scherzinger, who originally co-presented on the talent show.

So much love! The 19-year old now has around 30,000 more Twitter followers than Cheryl

Cheryl still has over 3.5 million followers but she falls short of Cher's total by over 30,000 fans.
This little statistic may well be a thorn in the Girls Aloud singer's side, after the pair fell out in 2012.
Cher insulted her former mentor on a radio show, saying she had 'more chance of winning the lottery than catching up with her.'
The Malvern-born singer then commented on the quality of Cheryl's voice, implying the 29-year old benefited from autotune, pressing 'a nifty little button' when she was in the studio or performing live.

Bewitched: Magic wasn't needed to win America over to Cher's brand of pop

The former X Factor judge responded on twitter, posting: 'Be Careful who you kick on your way up... They kick you twice as hard on your way back down. #unappreciationisugly'.
Backtracking on her misguided words, Cher made a public apology on ITV1’s Daybreak, saying 'sorry to her if she found it offensive.'

Social media queen: Breaking America has increased her fans on Twitter, showing her status in the U.S. video for With Ur Love

Better days: Cher used to idolise Cheryl on The X Factor in 2010

source: dailymail

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