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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So if you're not dating Justin Bieber, what are you doing at his hotel at 2.30am in the morning... followed by two other girls?


Tour: Justin is in the UK performing his show at various venues across the country

Justin Bieber took Ella-Paige Roberts Clark back to his hotel in the early hours of Wednesday morning, even though she claims she's not dating him.
The aspiring singer was on a night out in London, and although she and Justin arrived at each venue separately they still ended the evening at the Langham Hotel.
However, they were soon joined by two more girls - welcomed into the hotel by Bieber's security team.

Driving in style: The 17-year old could clearly be seen in one of the popstars' Bentley cars
Ella-Paige was first spotted leaving Project nightclub in London's West End at approximately 2.10am.

But mere minutes before, Justin had made his exit, moving on to the next party location.
That venue was celebrity favourite DSKTRT nightclub near Leceister Square, where the global popstar arrived at 2.30am, and not so coincidentally his glamorous 17-year old friend turned up two minutes after.
Justin's people allegedly called ahead to the club asking for a £15,000 appearance fee to which the management declined, but still welcomed him to their venue.

Still not dating? Ella-Paige Roberts Clark arrives back at Justin Bieber's hotel room after night out in London

Ready to party: Two more girls arrived back to Justin's hotel, with his security ushering them in through a side exit

A few hours later, Ella was in the back seat of one of Justin's Bentley cars, arriving at his hotel with the man himself.
They made their way into the Langham hotel, but may well have been joined by two other young ladies who arrived half an hour later.
Onlookers saw the girls at both the clubs where the Girlfriend singer had made appearances that night, but were not keen to show their faces as they entered the hotel.

Playing coy: The female friends didn't seem so keen to be seen entering the Langham at 4.15am

source: dailymail

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