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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pregnant and pumping iron! The former model who is defying critics by exercising through pregnancy - and doctors say she's right


Fitness bump: Nell McAndrew is exercising throughout her pregnancy

It’s chilly, there’s no wind and the sun is shining. Perfect running weather.
Dropping my six-year-old son Devon at school was the usual mad dash – we got there just as the bell was ringing.
As I walk away, I feel a sense of relief – I’m about to go on my regular jog.
The next 40 minutes is like therapy. It’s my thinking time: I plan today, this week, next week and how I am going to fit it all in.
The more I get into my stride, the more efficient my body feels. I feel like a machine being oiled and reach home with a sense of achievement. Now to get on with my day.

Healthy glow: Nell McAndrew does what she - and doctors - say is best for her baby: working out

Running is my passion – I’ve been in the fitness industry for a decade – and the fact that I am pregnant made no difference to that.
My pace has slowed down as I have got further along. I’m not trying to achieve a personal best. But exercise makes me feel happy, more confident and feeling fit and healthy.
I continued to jog up until around seven months and at Christmas I was still managing six miles regularly.
Anyone who runs will understand: as sluggish as I often am to begin with, afterwards I am revitalised and ready for anything.

Fitness family: Nell McAndrew and husband Paul with baby son Devon, now six, on holiday in Dubai

But I am sadly all too aware that, to some, the sight of someone with a bump doing vigorous exercise is not only unusual but dangerous.
I was stunned last May by the story in The Mail on Sunday by Jenny Wright, who was called a selfish cow, and much worse, by women in the street while she jogged during pregnancy.
Even more depressing was the furore that followed. She was accused of potentially causing her unborn daughter brain damage and warned that she could be born with ‘shaken baby syndrome’.

Heavy lifting: Although Nell is now too pregnant to wish to continue jogging, she pumps iron in the gym instead

Tips: Nell's workout

Jenny was ‘vain’ and desperate to keep her figure to stop her husband having an affair. She took it all in fairly good humour but I was furious on her behalf at such hateful ignorance.
A couple of months after reading her story (her baby was born perfectly healthy after a short, drug-free labour), I discovered I was expecting my second child – and I vowed, just as I had done with Devon, to keep working out.

What the doctor ordered: Nell McAndrew during workout

Source: Read more at Dailymail

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