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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hi Harry! Prince charms children in classroom visit to Lesotho charity and even gets an 'official' chalk portrait


Amused: With a toothy grin and prominent ears it may not be the most flattering Royal portrait. But Prince Harry was delighted with the sketch on a South African classroom chalk board

With a toothy grin and prominent ears it may not be the most flattering Royal portrait.
But Prince Harry was delighted with the sketch on a South African classroom chalk board.
As a royal you have to take everything in your stride and his morning's work included a lesson in sign language, cooking up a batch of doughnuts - and proving something of a storm on the dancefloor.
The third in line to the throne was a natural with the children he met today at the Kananelo Centre for the Deaf in Lesotho, which is supported by his charity, Sentebale.

New start: The Kananelo Centre is one of only two organisations offering schooling for deaf children in the country - where disability has, for many years, been considered 'shameful'

After a brief introduction to the school and its work, it was back to the classroom for Harry who was never a natural scholar and was definitely in 'mufty' for the day, wearing low-slung jeans, scuffed desert boots and a white cotton shirt.

Grants: The boarding school is run by nuns from the order of the Holy Family of Bordeaux and has been hugely helped by grants from Sentebale

'Now I am going to be a student for the day?' He asked.
'I can tell you I'm going to remember none of this.'
The prince joined an English class, who has written warm words of welcome on their blackboard - including 'we love you Prince Harry'.
He was taught a series of phrases in sign language by 14-year-old Nandos Chabalalan including the words for family, father, mother, brother, sister and baby.

Taking questions: The Kananelo Centre for the Deaf strives to be a self-sustaining facility, which provides quality education and living standards for students with special needs

The prince also managed to sign 'my name is Harry' and wiped his brow theatrically as he managed to pull it off.
His companion, Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, with whom he co-founded Sentebale, had him in stitches as he asked the children to teach the red-headed royal the word for ginger.
The pair proved to be quite the comedy act as Harry quickly retorted; 'What about the word for bald!'

Big hit: Prince Harry was a big hit with the children who all wanted to have a chance to chat with him

Still the 28-year-old was nothing less than game as he played along with the giggling children, showing his genuine affinity with the youngsters as he helped to pluck sobbing Limpho Nekoana, whose named means gift, out of the class when he became distressed and giving him a comforting cuddle.
As one young pupil walked around eating a sweet and smiling, the prince joked about his own schooldays at Eton; 'At my school you couldn't just walk around like that.'

Hands dirty: Strapping on in pink apron with a Paddington Bear print the prince rolled up his sleeves in a cookery class

Prankster: Prince Harry cowers from a joke rolling-pin attack during the visit

Next it was on to a home economics class where a group of children were being taught to make 'fat cakes', a local doughnut style delicacy.
Harry collapsed in giggles and rolled his eyes when asked to don a rather feminine lilac pinny but was even more amused by the frilly one that Prince Seeiso was offered.
The pair were handed a huge vat of dough to roll out.
'And here's one we made earlier,' he joked, as Seeiso pretended to hit him with the rolling pin.
He whipped up a batch of the cakes and, suprisingly, offered them to the watching press men.
In a recent interview the Prince complained bitterly about his relationship the media but showed a good sense of humour when asked if they were a 'peace offering'.

Regal dance: Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso dancing during a visit to the Kananelo Centre for the Deaf

source: dailymail

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