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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Duchess of Cambridge's stripper cousin lets rip in shocking new interview as she poses for nude photos

Royal connections: Katrina Darling, the Duchess of Cambridge's second cousin once removed, bared all in her interview with Loaded magazine

Not so long ago she was wiggling her way around the clubs of Sunderland as an unknown burlesque dancer.
Then, in a dramatic twist of fate, in 2011 Katrina Darling discovered she was a distant cousin of one of the most famous women in the world: the Duchess of Cambridge.
Since her discovery, the stripper has pocketed herself six-figure sums posing for a variety of raunchy magazines - including Playboy - and performing her risque burlesque act across the globe.
Now, her latest magazine shoot, which shows her posing in barely there underwear, proves that she may be related to the future Queen of England - but her behaviour couldn't be further apart.

Kate's racy 22-year-old relative has shaken off the shackles of regal decorum in her scantily clad shoot for Loaded magazine. Miss Darling, who was revealed ahead of the Royal Wedding to be Kate's second cousin, once removed, poses naked with peroxide blonde hair for the new issue of men's magazine Loaded.
And the stripper even lets rip at Kate's new family in a sensational interview.

Baring all: The 22-year-old stripper didn't hold back in the interview and proved how comfortable she was in her own skin by posing in next to nothing

Speaking about her cousin's father-in-law, the outspoken bombshell said: 'I think Prince Charles has done a lot of good for people. It’s his prerogative who he dates.
'Some men are like that. you can’t polish a turd.'
And she didn't stop at Prince Charles.
Miss Darling also added that she isn't attracted to loveable ginger Prince Harry and wouldn't want to see his 'tackle,' as she ever so gracefully puts it.
But if there is one person the tattooed former Barclays bank employee has some sympathy for her cousin Kate, particularly following the publication of her private holiday photographs.

A born performer: Katrina began learning burlesque dancing at a young age and performed for the first time topless at age eighteen

She told the magazine: 'She was on private land and comfortable being in her own skin.
'I don't think she should be scrutinised for being comfortable in her own skin.'
Katrina, who hails from the North East, certainly has no hang-ups of her own in that regard.
She explains that she has always been comfortable with her own body - something that led her to learning the art of burlesque.
Indeed, so comfortable was she that she even performed topless at the tender age of 18 in front of her family.

Sympathy: The stripper has sympathy with her cousin Kate, especially after private photographs of her in holiday surfaced

'I don't feel undressed when I'm not wearing clothes. I feel very comfortable,' she added.
Miss Darling, who has never made any attempt to contact the Middletons, previously insisted that she had been a burlesque dancer for years and the recent success and attention is just a happy coincidence.

The full interview with photographs are in this month's Loaded magazine

source: dailymail

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