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Sunday, February 10, 2013

A step too far: Take Me Out contestant Emma Walton makes ungracious entrance to dating show as she pays the price of vertiginous heels


Mortified: Emma Walton's shoes got in the way of her making a graceful entrance as she descended the Take Me Out stairs

Her mother has probably spent years warning Emma Walton off of wearing skyscraper heels, telling her it was only a matter of time before she fell in an unsightly manner to the ground.
And on Saturday night's episode Take Me Out, gravity finally got the better of the bubbly blonde.
The singleton's six inch stilettos were no match for the television studio's staircase, and she lost her footing with three steps to go.

Take me up: Emma was rescued from the floor by some of her fellow singletons

She looked mortified as she looked skywards from the foot of the stairs, her mouth agape as some of her fellow lonely-hearters tried to hoist her up as gracefully as they could.
But Emma's blushes did not end there as show host Paddy McGuinness tried to lift her up, only to reveal her knickers.
Viewers of the ITV1 dating show will have seen Londoner Emma take a fall within the opening moments of Saturday night's episode.

Blushes: Emma looked embarrassed by her tumble, but didn't seem to be injured

Dressed in a short black dress and with her hair backcombed in to an impressive bouffant, she managed to keep a smile despite the embarrassing incident.
As she crouched on the floor, she looked up helplessly, waiting to be hoisted to her feet.
Later in the show, the presenter Paddy's embrace turned in to another nightmare for the boyfriend hunter, as he inadvertently revealed her underwear to the other girls.
Paddy said of her unfortunate entrance: 'Luckily, Emma’s a top girl and a right laugh so she took it in her stride – literally!'
Emma was tweeting during the show's broadcast, and reassured one of the other contestants that she had slipped on the stairs and had not been pushed.

More blushes: Paddy McGuinness tried to pick up the pretty blonde, but showed off her knickers by accident

She wrote: 'Hahahhahahaa Lauren. Corse you didn't push me. Love and miss you lots x' [sic].
Emma also tried to explain her fall, simply writing: 'Yer am a geek : )' [sic].
However, she has also received plenty of praise from fans of the tacky dating show, who have called her dramatic entrance 'TV gold'.
Even Girls Aloud star Kimberly Walsh was in on the discussion, tweeting: 'Why is it so funny when someone falls over #takemeout' [sic]

Doh: Paddy also looked red-faced after the incident, and held his head in mock-shame

source: dailymail

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