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Friday, January 18, 2013

Wife spends 30 years and £20,000 collecting so many SMURFS her husband had to convert the spare room for them (and she says he doesn't mind)


Karen Bell has turned her spare bedroom into a showroom for her thousands of smurf toys

A museum curator has spent £20,000 on a massive collection of SMURFS - and has dedicated an entire room in her house to creating a smurf shrine.
Obsessed Karen Bell, 37, saved up her pocket money with her best friend to buy her first toy at the age of six, and now has 4,482 figures and memorabilia.
She said: 'I was only a little girl when I started collecting smurfs with my best friend, but whereas she stopped collecting when she got older, I just carried on.
'And now, 30 years down the line, I've got a room for them in my house.'

More than 900 two-inch PVC figurines, 1,200 stickers and 185 McDonalds free smurf items are displayed in Karen's spare room

Karen, from Ayrshire, Scotland, battled to convince her long-suffering husband Brian, 36, to convert their spare room into a showroom for her expanding collection.
She said: 'My husband and I met at university, but he didn't realise how much I loved smurfs until I came home one day with bags and bags full of memorabilia.
'He asked me why I'd wasted my money on it but he soon realised how happy it made me.

Glass cabinets hold 930 two-inch PVC figurines many of which are duplicates from different countries

'The room is so much better than having everything wrapped up and it means I can show other people all the things I have.'
Brian said: 'I don’t always understand Karen’s love of smurfs but as long as her addiction doesn’t spread to the other rooms in the house then I can live with it.
'The only smurf memorabilia outside of the spare room I’ve agreed to is a smurf feeding mat for the cats – and even that’s pushing it.

Converted: Karen's husband Brian agreed to turn the spare bedroom into a smurf showroom

'When we met at university 17 years ago I had no idea how much she loved smurfs, until one day when I come home and she had bags and bags full of them.
'I thought she was wasting her money at first, but it makes her happy, so it’s fine by me.'
Karen not only collects every character and accessory, but also the identical figures from other countries, which come in slightly different packaging, colours and moulds.
She said: 'It's every collectors quest to find all the different all the different variations and moulds, but I don't think any of us ever will.

Karen collects duplicates of figurines from different countries because they have slightly different packaging

'It amazes me that I've spent around £20,000 on the collection, but to be honest, with the amount I have, I'm surprised it's not more.'
Her collection has now grown infamous amongst her friends and family, and she receives smurf items for almost every birthday and Christmas.
'My husband buys them for me for every birthday but he wouldn't get me something unless I've asked for it - there's no point because he's knows I probably already own it.'

The collection includes 145 books, comics, videos and DVDs as well as thousands of toys

source: dailymail

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