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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Who'd be brave enough to marry Harry? As he says no sensible woman would want to be his bride...


Looking for love? Prince Harry is said to be smitten with model and actress Cressida Bonas, far right, who has held the title
of 'girlfriend-in-waiting' while he has been in Afghanistan, according to friends

Poor Harry. He might be handsome, brave, single and a royal prince, but he just doesn’t see himself as eligible. Quite the reverse: he positively mocks the idea that any woman in the world would want to be his bride.
‘You ain’t ever going to find someone who’s going to jump into the position that it would hold. Simple as that,’ he said in a recent interview to mark the end of his tour of duty in Afghanistan.
Asked whether he was actually single, he cryptically replied: ‘I’m just out here doing my job. That’s all I can say at the moment.’

Princess material? The grandmother of British model Cara Delevingne, left, was the lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, while Gabriella Wilde, right, looks like Cressida and is Prince Harry's type

If the reports of hours spent at camp playing computer games and watching re-runs of Borat and The Hangover on DVD (was that where he got the inspiration for his Vegas jaunt?) between helicopter missions sound pitiful and lonely, then hold off your sympathy a little longer.
For his friends believe that Harry doesn’t regard himself as single at all — hence the tight-lipped answer.

Model Florence Brudenell-Bruce was the last woman Prince Harry was meaningfully linked to

Since May last year, he has been in a relationship of sorts with model/actress/waif-like society blonde Cressida Bonas. They were introduced by their mutual friend Princess Eugenie, and for most of last summer enjoyed a discreet romance.
Then they sat next to each other at the Batman premiere, and afterwards went dancing until 4am — at which point the cat was out of the bag. Later in the summer, they went on holiday together to Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

Prince Harry has not had a serious girlfriend since his relationship to Chelsy Davy ended

And reports that Cressida was so incensed by his naked exploits in Vegas that she had dumped him were apparently wide of the mark. She didn’t mind at all, although she was said to be worryingly fond of her ex-boyfriend from Leeds University, polo-playing surveyor Harry Wentworth-Stanley.
Still, there is nothing like a bit of competition to focus the male mind. Harry, since he has been in Afghanistan, has apparently been phoning Cressida regularly and plans to meet up with her as soon as possible to reignite their nascent romance.

Chelsy Davy was known to hate publicity and living her life in the public eye

Perhaps they will go to South Africa or somewhere similar during his weeks off. Harry pines for Africa almost as much as he pines for a well-spoken blonde.
Their friends have acknowledged that while he has been away, she has held the title of ‘girlfriend-in-waiting’. She even spent a weekend in December at the country house of his friend, the multi-millionaire film-maker Arthur Landon (Prince William was a fellow guest while Kate was in hospital).

Could Pippa Middleton become Her (Actually) Royal Hotness?

source: Read more... at dailymail

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