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Monday, January 14, 2013

Wanting to sing falsetto? Justin Bieber squeezes into tight jeans... as Victoria's Secret model reveals they just 'hung out'


Who needs Danny Zuko: Justin Bieber posted a picture of him wearing tight jeans instead of his usual low-slung trousers

He had desperately tried to foster a bad boy image by donning low slung trousers.
But it appears Justin Bieber may be trying to repair his damaged reputation after he donned a pair of tight fitting jeans.
The teen idol finally achieved a level of notoriety after he was snapped holding a suspicious cigarette earlier this month, but it appears he may have decided the grass is not greener after all following the furore.

It wasn't me: Victoria's Secret Model Barbara Palvin has again spoke out to deny having an affair with Justin

Justin bore a passing resemblance to John Travolta in Grease, not to mention Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2, as he showed off his new look muscular physique in the blue denims and tight white vest.
He told his 33 million Twitter followers: 'To those of u who tell me not to sag my pants. Double think that.'
And he got another unexpected image boost from his rumoured former flame Barbara Palvin, who became a target for fans of Justin and Selena Gomez after the Wizards of Waverly Place favourite angrily posted an image of her beau with the model.
The Victoria's Secret, who met the singer at the brand's glittering fashion show last November, was engulfed in controversy and received vicious online abuse from fans of the star but has again insisted nothing went on between them

Rearly impressive: She turned up at a Beverly Hills restaurant wearing a cardigan on Saturday but soon whipped it off to parade her famous physique

'You know how the drama started — Selena retweeted the picture.
'I’m okay to talk about it because I know there’s nothing. It’s ridiculous how this got to the news.
Palvin told Celebuzz she was just 'hanging out' with the Baby favourite during the fashion show last fall.

Cheeky girl: Despite the fact she had arrived to have dinner she kept her friends waiting by hamming it up outside

'That was it . . . that’s why it was so weird. They thought I caused a big drama, their break-up.'
The two were linked when they went to see The Lion King on Broadway the night after the show, with Barbara tweeting 'Lion King' and a heart, adding further fuel to the flames.

source: dailymail

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