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Monday, January 7, 2013

'This is for you grampa': Justin Bieber reveals yet another tattoo of Canadian hockey team's logo in memory of his grandfather


MORE body art: Justin Bieber shows off his new tattoo - a copy of the Stratford Cullitons hockey team logo in tribute to his grandfather

It seems Harry Styles has got a rival in the tattoo department for how many inkings one can have before they wave goodbye to their teenage years.
Justin Bieber is certainly giving the One Direction star a run for his money and has even unveiled yet another piece of body art this weekend.
The Baby hitmaker showed off a new tattoo on his left shoulder blade on his Instagram page on Sunday, showing off a picture of the Stratford Cullitons hockey team logo.

New inking: The Baby hitmaker revealed his latest tattoo on his Instagram page this weekend

Showing off the picture of a native American head, Bieber has posed for pictures revealing the inking in all its glory.
And the 18-year-old has revealed he chose to get the image of the Canadian team logo etched on to his body in tribute to his late grandfather.
Bieber wrote next to one picture: 'My grandfather always took me to the stratford culliton every friday night this is for u Grampa ... My man @chenterios hooked it up.'

Candid: Justin happily posed with his top off to show his new etching, which joins many other pieces of body art he's collected over the last two years

The singer posed for several photos with his top off showing off the inking from different angles before then sharing another with the logo poking out from underneath his vest top.
The Canadian star is a big fan of the hockey team, who got their name from the Culliton Brothers who sponsored them in the 1970s, although they were originally called the Stratford Braves before changing to the Stratford Warriors.
It's not the first piece of body art for Bieber, who has frequently shown off more and more tattoos recently.

Tattoo fan: Only a few weeks ago he revealed three new roses on his left calf, joining an existing picture of two hands praying

Only last week he revealed three roses wrapped around his left leg underneath his existing praying hands tattoo.
It is certainly another exciting addition to the music star's ever growing collection of body art.
Justin had a spellbound Ellen DeGeneres hooting with delight when he showed her the owl he had tattooed on his left forearm last month.

Quite a collection: Bieber has previously revealed a picture of an owl on his left arm

And he also has a crown on the left side of his chest.
The teenager debuted a tattoo on his right arm - the Japanese Kanji symbol for music- in July.
He also has the word Believe inked on his left arm, and in March had a praying hand inking etched onto his leg, which is thought to represent the power of prayer and the Almighty.
Justin underwent his first inking of a bird on his hip at the tender age of 16, and followed it with the Hebrew word for Jesus on his ribcage when he and his dad opted to get matching tattoos during a trip to Israel.

Inked: Justin has also previously revealed a picture of a crown on his chest

Continuing with his collection of religious tattoos, the Canadian singer later had an image of Jesus etched onto his left leg.
His music rival Harry Styles has also been sporting an ever growing collection of tattoos over the last year.

source: dailymail

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