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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The shocking moment £170,000-a-week Chelsea star Eden Hazard KICKS ballboy in ribs


The moment: Chelsea striker Eden Hazard kicks a ballboy in the ribs during a match against Swansea City

Footballer Eden Hazard provoked fury tonight when he kicked a ballboy in the ribs during a match.
The £170,000-a-week Chelsea star tried to regain the ball after it went out of play late in the game - but he was apparently infuriated when the boy fell to the ground, landed on the ball and smothered it.
In the striker's attempts to get the ball he tried to kick it from beneath the ballboy. Instead he made contact and kicked him in the ribs, before he finally grabbed the ball from beneath him and ran off.

Incident: The ballboy, who is employed by Swansea City, appeared to lie on the ball and infuriate Hazard

The 22-year-old Belgian footballer, who joined the club for £32million last summer from French side Lille, was sent off after the incident in the League Cup semi-final at Swansea City’s Liberty Stadium.
Hazard - whose red card came in the 80th minute of the second leg of the semi-final, which finished 0-0 - walked off. Several Chelsea players went to tend to the ball boy, left holding his ribs. [related]

Anger: Swansea's Ashley Williams (centre) is held back as he tries to confront Eden Hazard (off camera)

But they reacted angrily when referee Chris Foy produced a red card. The Chelsea players claimed he had tried to get the ball loose to restart play as the clock ticked down.
The cup tie marked a impressive victory for Swansea, who will go through to Wembley for the first cup final in their 100-year history after winning 2-0 on aggregate thanks to their first-leg success.

Sending off: Chelsea's Eden Hazard (#17) receives a red card from referee Chris Foy for violent conduct

Swansea captain Ashley Williams, who was close to the incident, said afterwards: ‘Demba Ba said he was holding on to the ball, but I saw him (Hazard) kick him in the ribs. You can’t do that to a little boy.’
The Swans' manager Michael Laudrup said he expected Hazard would regret the incident when he views it on TV.
‘I saw it from a very big distance from the bench,’ he said. ‘I've since seen it after the game. Hazard is a great player. When he sees the images I think he will regret it.’

On the floor: The ballboy was left in pain on the side of the pitch (left) and Hazard was forced to trudge off (right)

Laudrup denied the club had told the ball boys to hold onto the ball when it went out of play.
‘No, no. Definitely not,’ he said. ‘I think he was pushed and on top of the ball. I can understand all the frustrations when you are behind.’

In pain: A ballboy (second right) is ushered away from the sidelines following the incident with Hazard

Twitter users reacted strongly to the incident, branding Hazard a 'disgrace', 'scumbag' and 'animal’. Footballers Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler also waded into the debate.
Stoke City striker Owen said on Twitter: ‘I’ve seen it all now! What a joke'. Former Liverpool and Wales footballer Fowler added: ‘Right decision even though ballboy milked it.’
CNN broadcaster Piers Morgan said: ‘Eden Hazard sent off for deliberately kicking a ballboy in the ribs. Yes, you read right. Unbelievable!’
Chelsea’s official Twitter feed tried to make light of it, saying: 'Has football gone mad? Hazard is sent off for kicking the ball under a ball boy attempting to smother the ball rather than return it. #CFC'
The account later added: 'A hugely disappointing performance topped by a bizarre red card.'

source: dailymail

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