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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The one where the Friends characters slept with 135 people in 10 years: Fan reveals the complicated sexual web of legendary sitcom


Characters on Friends opened up their tight-nit group to welcome in quite a few friends with benefits throughout the ten seasons of the show, as the six main characters had approximately 135 sexual partners.

Even though two-thirds of the characters coupled up by the end of the series, with Monica and Chandler marrying in season seven and Ross and Rachel finally putting their will-they-or-won't-they storyline to rest, there were a number of lovers who made their marks.
The characters' experience was a far cry from real life, as the national averages for number of sexual partners are significantly smaller.

Coupling off: The characters in Friends- Ross played by David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, Courtney Cox as Monica, Matthew Perry as Chandler, Phoebe played by Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc playing Joey- slept with a total of 85 people

According to the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, American males between the ages of 30 and 44 years old reported having only six to eight sexual partners in their lifetime, which is fewer than the least sexual character, as Chandler even had sex with 10.5 women.
The difference is even more marked for the women, as the same 2005 study said national average of women in that same age bracket reported only having four sexual partners, while Monica, Rachel and Phoebe racked up 14.5, 15.5 and 32.5 respectively.

Frisky: Jennifer Aniston's Rachel had flings with men played by Bruce Willis (left) and her onetime real-life boyfriend Tate Donovan (right)

A super fan compiled a very detailed chart of all of the character's sexual partners- both those seen on the show and those mentioned in passing- tallying up all of their friends with benefits in hopes of completing the ultimate list.
In his Reddit post, the fan with the handle self.entertainment, explained that he used a system where an instance of confirmed sex counted as a full mark, while unconfirmed sex such as a vague innuendo or passing reference, led to only half a mark.

Sorority sisters: Winona Ryder played a college friend that Rachel's character had a tryst with

Joey Tribbiani had by far the most partners with a final score of 51.5 women, and the remaining Friend Ross had 14 partners.
Additionally, Comedy site Splitsider broke down their own version of the list so that they could differentiate between one-night stands and long term relationships.
As fans of the show may expect, Matt LeBlanc's character of Joey came in with the lowest percentage of potential for serious relationships as only 23.5 per cent.

Famous faces: Alec Baldwin guest starred as an overly positive man (left) and Sean Penn (right) appeared on two episodes playing Phoebe's twin sister Ursula's fiance who ditches her for Phoebe

Married lady: In the end, Phoebe married Mike (played by Paul Rudd) and Joey was the only one of the group who remained single at the end of the 10-year-long series

Ones that got away: In the early years, Phoebe had romances with Charlie Sheen (left) and Hank Azaria (right)

There is a bit of a surprise on the opposite end of the spectrum, however, since Jennifer Aniston's Rachel was the most relationship-ready.
Given the fact that David Schwimmer's character Ross was married three times throughout the series, the fleeting fan may have expected him to have the highest percentage of serious relationships, but Rachel's 71.4 per cent puts Ross' 50 per cent to the times.

Early on: In one episode, Rachel was dating an angry man played by Ben Stiller (top) and Monica dated a billionaire named Pete played by Jon Favreau (bottom)

The other two female leads, Courtney Cox's Monica and Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe, were relatively close with their percentages but not necessarily their 'numbers'. Monica's turned into relationships 38.5 per cent of the time and Phoebe's resulted in serious relationships 37.5 per cent of the time, but Monica's 14.5 partners is far outweighed by Phoebe's 32.5 partners.

Pictured with two loves: Monica dated Tom Selleck (right) but ended up marrying Chandler (center)

Matthew Perry's Chandler had the lowest number of sexual partners- having had sex with 10 women throughout the ten years it was on the air- which fits with his character's persona who was a bit awkward with women.
One of those women he struck out with was Julia Roberts- who was rumored to be in a relationship with Perry at the time of her guest spot. The one woman he did go back to repeatedly, before settling down with Monica, was the notoriously nasal Janice.

Quite the spectrum: Julia Roberts guest starred as a woman who rejects Chandler, while Maggie Wheeler had a recurring role as Janice, the ex-known for her extremely nasal laugh

Fiction: Chandler had better luck with Monica as the two ended up marrying

Janice also had a fling with Ross, but she is definitely on the lower end of the scale when it comes to Ross' conquests.
He hooked up with Phoebe's bald friend Bonnie played by Christine Taylor and palaeontologist Charlie played by Aisha Tyler. He even ends a relationship with Rebecca Romijin because she is extremely messy. But one of the most awkward arrangements may have come when he began dating Reese Witherspoon, who played Rachel's sister Jill.

Sibling rivalry: Ross (left, played by David Schwimmer) briefly dated Jill (Reese Witherspoon) who played his longtime love Rachel's sister

Trading interests: Ross first started dating Charlie (played by Aisha Tyler, center) who went on to date Joey

Rachel had her share of famous faces through the years as well, pursuing relationships with men played by Bruce Willis, Dermot Mulroney, and Tate Donovan (who was in a serious relationship with Aniston for a number of years).
Rachel also left her mark on the sexual landscape because she was the only one of the main six characters to have admitted to having a lesbian make out session with Winona Ryder, who played Rachel's sorority sister.

Crazy: Brooke Shields played a fan who believed that Joey was the character he acted on his soap opera

Jill wasn't the only run-in with a sibling, as Joey had a relationship with Phoebe's twin sister Ursula. The character of Ursula was actually carried over from Mad About You since Kudrow had been cast as the ditsy waitress years before Friends initially aired in 1994.
Another connection that Joey and Phoebe had in common was the fact that some of the most famous guest stars landed in their beds.

Young and old: Joey dated his roommate Elle McPherson (left) and co-star Susan Sarandon (right)

Kristin Davis (pre-Sex and the City fame) and Elle Macpherson both dated the lothario, and Joey used his role as an actor to meet Brooke Shields who played a crazed fan and Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon appeared as famed older soap actress.
Phoebe also hooked up with a future Oscar winner when she got with Sean Penn, who played her sister Ursula's fiancé who then ditches the waitress for her twin.
Phoebe's varying taste in men fit with her flighty personality, as she was drawn to nerdy scientist Hank Asaria, Navy seaman Charlie Sheen and overly enthusiastic Alec Baldwin.

Before she was famous: Kristin Davis appeared as a woman who Rachel and Phoebe convinced Joey to take from a one night stand to a relationship, though it didn't end up working out

Monica had a familial run in as well, since she began dating Michael Vartan who played the son of her former flame, Tom Selleck.
A number of the lovers took home more than just the memories of nights gone by, as Bruce Willis and Tom Selleck both won Emmys for their appearances.

source: dailymail

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